Thursday, July 19, 2012

wild horses can't drag me away...

This place rocks.

We're out here on the north side of a teeny-tiny island, and a few miles from our beach house, the road literally ENDS.  Well, the pavement, that is.  But for those with a 4x4, you can keep driving on the BEACH!  (and there are whole neighborhoods up there that can only be accessed by driving on the beach- wild, eh?)

So our family made sure to rent a 4x4 vehicle for this trip and off we go!

I'll tell you what else is wild up here!  WILD horses that live here and roam the beach!  (I know- it's crazy!)

It's apparently illegal to lure them, feed them, or be within 50 ft. of them... but what do you do when they walk towards you, I wonder?  Unlike many of the sunbathers you see here, everyone in OUR car was going crazy at the sight! Come on, people!  Are you THAT accustomed to seeing WILD HORSES on the beach within FEET of you??  A few people started snapping pictures and standing to watch, but really I was surprised overall with what little reaction they got.

But naturally I hopped out of the car in hot pursuit of a good picture of these puppies.  Really all the effort and risk-taking was for you, my dear blog readers.  I will put myself in harm's way for you guys any day.

One of them momentarily stopped to roll around & cool down in the sand.

Got 'em!

Quick, Caroline!  Stand here and let me get a picture of you with the horses!

See ya later, horses!  This place is amazing!
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  1. Beautifil!! The horses too Caroline! Love Ya!