Thursday, May 30, 2013

some things never change...

Our South Carolina family has gone through so many changes in recent years, but as we're enjoying our annual summer vacation together this week, I'm reminded that thankfully, some things never change.

Like the annual beach trip and crabbing together.

Phillip caught one!

The cousins are loving their time together.

Even the dog in this family gets out on the water.

Tubing.  (I think that's Caroline and cousin Jasmine tubing in this picture)

She's in heaven on the water.

And on the jet ski.

Sweet mother-daughter.

This is what every mother of young children needs...

Another thing that never changes is the annual family wiffleball game on the beach, 

where the rules always change but the competitiveness doesn't.

This year we welcomed Caroline to the game, and she made a hit!

While the wiffleball game was in full swing, I hung out with this beach bum.

Surfs up!

Not sure about this, Mom.

Now this is what I like, Aunt Sharon.

Yay!  Julius scored a run!

Photo op with cousin Laura.

Ahh, what a week!

More later!  See ya!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I snap so many pictures of my children, but a few weeks ago, I realized how very few pictures I've gotten of all four of us.

So 100 shots later, we finally got this keeper.

Oh, what it takes to get everyone smiling and still at the same time!

But some photos aren't worth throwing out just yet, even if the kiddos aren't looking at the camera.

Here the two of them started cracking each other up.

I love it.

Life with a baby.  The valiant attempts to get them to smile.

And they'd rather grab your face.

At this point, delirium began setting in.  :)

Nevertheless, we did get some more "keeper" photos that day...

My boys!

My beautiful children.

Thank you, God.
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Friday, May 24, 2013

at 6 months...

Whereas my first baby got a blog post every month(!!) outlining her every move and milestone, leave it to the second child to maybe get one every quarter??  :)  Ahh, second borns... it's just not the same as the first.   (And that's probably both bad and good.)

As I (Amy) am still learning how it happens to parent TWO children simultaneously, I simply cannot believe it's been 6 months since Jameson came into our life.  (Where did that half a year GO?)

Here's a glimpse into what he's up to these days:

  • There is almost always something in this boy's mouth.  Fingers, a pacifier, a toy, your necklace, you name it.  He's obviously teething, but we have yet to see a tooth appear...
  • He weighs 16 lbs 3 oz (25-50%) and is 26 1/4" long (25-20%).  He's a little guy with a sweet spirit.  And he's got eyelashes to die for.

  • He finally rolled over from back to stomach!  (here is the picture of his 2nd roll ever)  AND he chose to do it while we were in Texas, right in front of all of my family.  Hmmm... maybe he just needed a bigger audience to show off to...

  • Up until now, he's been pretty unscheduled and more go-with-the-flow.  (that's probably more our doing as we've transitioned to 2 kids)  We'd let him catch little cat naps here and there, which probably contributed to more wake times during the night.  However, now Mommy and Daddy have decided it's time to close up the restaurant between the hours of midnight and 6am, if you know what I mean!  We are in Day 2 of our new "schedule," and thankfully it's going better than it did the first night... whew... I think I'd give anything right now for a solid night of uninterrupted sleep!
  • Speaking of sleep, on the new schedule he'll be down to just 2 naps a day with hopes that he'll sleep for longer periods at night.   Yesterday it worked beautifully, at least... ha!

  • But just like his schedule has been more go-with-the-flow, so is he.  We keep saying it's the Haitian in him.  He's just not real fussy or uptight, but he'll certainly let you know if he's upset.
  • He's working on solid foods.  Some days he eats really well.  On others, he's not much interested.  So far we've worked our way through all the vegetables and now it's about time for the good stuff.  :)

  • He has found his feet and they're much fun to play with!  He'll even bite on them.  
  • This boy's not a big babbler yet, but he's a HUGE laugher!  He loves to laugh, especially at his sister.  She can really get him belly laughing- it is so sweet seeing the two of them laughing together.  Big sis absolutely LOVES him and is still a big helper around our family.
  • Other things he likes?  His door jumper, being sung to, hearing you make funny noises, and making a RACKET!  He wants to take everything in his hands and bang it in whatever way will make the most noise possible.  (is this a boy thing??)
  • He also likes a good round of peek-a-boo.

  • He loves to stand on your lap and listen to you talk.  He wants to grab your nose, your mouth, hair, or anything he can touch.
  • Jameson may be little, but he's all muscle for his size!  He does well on his tummy now, and you can tell he's just dying to get moving!
  • His reflux is doing much better, too.  Very soon we will start weaning him off of the hypoallergenic formula and onto a more affordable lactose sensitive one.  (fingers crossed!)
  • He's a rather loud pooper, I must say.  And he tends to poop at inopportune times like during prayers at church, while company is here, etc.  :)

  • He recognizes his name, and he'll turn his head if you call it.  I think he also recognizes the words "clap" and "all done" (I'm sure among others).  
  • He recognizes his mommy, daddy, and sister in a crowd.
  • He has NOT, however, figured out that he's got a white mommy and daddy yet, in case any of you were wondering.  ;)  But this vanilla mommy LOOOOOVES my chocolate baby, and you know what?  He doesn't seem to mind, either.  :)

This is one special little guy.  He brings SO much joy to our family.

He's a perfect fit.

We are beyond blessed to have him.

Soon we'll be finalizing his adoption with the agency,

and his last name will legally become ours.

I can't imagine life without him.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

SuCo 2013...

One of the highlights of our YEAR is getting to take our RUF students to RUF's national Summer Conference (aka "SuCo") near Panama City, Florida.  It is always a life-transforming week for our students as they join with other RUF's from all over the nation for teaching, worship, discussion, and lots of beach time!  This week always provides our students time for challenging conversations, new relationships to form, and opportunities to wrestle with and learn from the Scripture.

But as an RUF mommy, Summer Conference is great in a different way.  No cooking for a week.  (woohoo!!!)  Time to enjoy catching up with other RUF wives who know exactly what your own crazy life looks like in college ministry.

AND, for our children, it's a week in paradise.  The beach, the pool, lots of kids, sailing and sandcastles... you name it.  Some of you may remember Caroline's friend, Abigail, from the past two Summer Conferences-- they met up again this year, and it was like picking up right where they left off.  (her dad is the RUF campus minister at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville)

Initially, Caroline and Abigail bonded because they happened to have the same "lovey"s.  (here's a picture of them playing lovey-s last year)

And this year was no different.  Such fun little gals.  It was funny watching Abigail trying to figure out throughout the week why Jameson's skin was so dark, too!  (he he)  She'd stare at him and then repeatedly say, "He's so cute!"

What also made this SuCo special was this gal, our niece, Callie, who is an RUF intern at Penn State and among my closest friends.  She was able to stay in our family's little apartment for the week, which was so, so fun!

And I HAVE to say our RUF students are so, SO wonderful.  Really.  Every girl in our group was clamoring to hold Jameson and help ease my load of two children.  (the guys are not all that bad, but let's just say they're not standing in line to help like the gals are...)  :)  I could not be more grateful for their serving hearts as my hands and brain feel constantly full.

Caroline & Abigail being pushed out to sea!

There they go!  They had a blast.

This little guy was sort-of a mini-celebrity this year, since all of the campus ministers knew the amazing way God brought him into our world!  And he surprisingly liked his first time at the beach, too!  (as long as he was in the shade and nowhere near putting his toes in the water- too cold!)  I mean, he's half Haitian, so the beach has gotta be in his blood, right?  :)

It was also Jameson's first time in the pool!  Didn't get many smiles, but didn't get much fussing, either!

Except when Daddy did this...  :)  (hey, it's good for ya, kid!)

What a great guy.

What a great week!
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