Monday, March 3, 2014

the cold never bothered me anyway...

Like all the little girls across America, my daughter is completely obsessed with the soundtrack to Disney's new movie, Frozen.  The song "Let it Go" won an Oscar last night!

So after hearing "Let it Go" a hundred times today, I honestly think I might die if I hear it again.  Surely it is permanently burned somewhere onto my brain.

But that doesn't mean that YOU can't listen to it!  This is what we did for fun with our snow day.  :)

You've heard Idina Menzel sing it.  (or ahem, "Adele Dazeem" as John Travolta called her...)

But may I present to you my Caroline...  he he!

 (Go Caroline!)


  1. Please tell Caroline that we all four just listened to her singing Let It Go after we finished supper. We all loved it!! I love her confidence and how she belts it out! Go, Caroline!! Katherine just said for me to say, "Thank you for your child singing to us!!" :) It made our night.

  2. Ha ha, that's so sweet! Thanks and much love to you guys!!

  3. She has a good voice Amy! She hit so many of those notes! She is taking after her momma

  4. Nanny & PapaMarch 7, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    It was wonderful! Papa listened to it and enjoyed Caroline singing. Thank you Caroline!

  5. Wow!!! Tha'ts amazing! Sounds like she's been trained well from another fabulous singer I know :)