Monday, November 17, 2014

Caroline's trip to Dr. Cabell's...

Hi! This is Caroline.
This is Dr. Cabell's house. I am at Point of Honor. Dr. Cabell is a DOCTOR. Dr. stands for doctor! He was a doctor of Patrick Henry. "Wow! Is this history?" OF COURSE! Right now is 2014-2015! This was 1815. "Yessssss! Now I understand!"

This is a tour lady. I don't know her name.
She was in the house. She was helpful to us. There was this girl in the room and the tour lady was talking about the curtains in the room. The girl said when there was a pause, "Those must be rare curtains!" "They are!" The tour lady said. HaHa! Wasn't that funny?
This is the dining room. (In the house) Do you see the tea cups and tea pourer?  And chairs and table and carpet? "Yes," Well, The tea set is purplish pink, right? "Right," Don't you like it, Althea? "YES! The tea set part is my favorite." Yes. Mine too.
I'm talking about the fireplace. Doesn't it look pretty? "Mmm-Hmm." I kinda wish that the fireplace had a fire in it. Don't you? "Yeah. What about the next picture?" Well....

The mirror is GORGEOUS. The background is the wall! They had the same things we have to paint the walls and designed as we do now. (Well, maybe not the exact same stuff)   "Did you realize the eagle on the mirror?" No! I did not see that, Althea! I wanted to talk about something else and you let me! Thank you! "Welcome." I spy an eagle. Do you see it?
The clock looks amazing. The clock is on top of the piano!  I love it!
Dr. Cabell has the best house in the Downtown Lynchburg. Don't you think so, Althea? "Zzzzzz!" WAKE UP! BLOG! DID YOU FORGET? "What?" Althea! You fell asleep! "Oops." Look right here. Don't you think so, Althea? "Yup."

I took a picture of this floor because its JUST LIKE ME AND JAMESON'S FLOOR in our room!  Dr. Cabell's house was built in 1815.  My house was built in 1851. Hmmmmmm. "Ah!" What? What! "Never mind." 
I love this flower picture on a plate.  If you can't see, The flowers are red. 
When I took the picture of this, the tour lady in there said, "I've never had someone take a picture of that. Thank you!" Then everyone turned to me, Althea. "Why?" Don't know. They liked it, I guess!

Now, they didn't have kitchens in their houses back then. They had to go to a open house OUTSIDE to make their food. "WHAT?" Yes!

I got pumpkins painted on my face. Can you see the pumpkins on my cheeks? If you can't see, the pumpkins are like real looking pumpkins.

Well, we went to the place where you get your face painted at the Festival on Cabell St. and I asked for pumpkins. She asked, "On both cheeks?" and I said, "Yes, please!" Great, Althea, huh? "Yup!"

Bye, guys! I'll be happy to post another blog!


  1. That was very interesting, Caroline. Thanks for sharing with Nanny!

  2. That was fantastic! I love reading stories about historical non-fiction!