Monday, August 10, 2015

seven year old guest blogger: hilton head

Hi! This is Caroline! Today I will be writing about
 my beach trip at...HILTON HEAD!
I am very excited to write to you all. I would like to
 tell you several things about Hilton Head.

This is us going up to our villa room.
Jameson and me pushed, shoved, and SCREAMED
to push the buttons because we love to push the buttons on the elavator.
And my next one... HENNA! There was a girl
named Edie and she did my henna. I had to get it redone
because it all fell off the day I got it!
Henna is like a blackish kind of tattoo. Henna 
doesn't stay on FOREVER like a real tattoo. It comes 
off in about 3 weeks.

I really like alopecia because you can get
henna done ON YOUR HEAD!  It kinda tickles
but mostly it's cool.
Me and Mom got to escape for a short time while Jameson
was napping. We took a few pictures (probably several) and I
was in most of them. We'd like to share one with you!

And this one is Jameson crying in the timeout 
circle. Me and Jameson were digging with a shovel and Daddy said is was my turn. Jameson said no, so Daddy gave him one more chance, Jameson said no.  We made a circle and said "Stay here!" So here he is, crying in the timeout circle. 

This picture of me and Jameson in
the "twisty tree" is special. It is special because we take a picture of me and Jameson every year in the tree so we can look at it and see how much we've grown.  I absolutely LOVE the twisty tree. I climbed up to here and had to jump down
probably about 5 feet.

And the fountains....THE FOUNTAINS!
The fountains were higher than any kids fountains I had ever seen. I just loved running through the fountains, even though this isn't a picture of me doing that.

We put our feet together to stop a fountain from SPLASHing us.
Jameson loved the fountains. He was afraid at first but then got more used to it.

This is me getting ready to do a handstand-not ready to fall
on my arm which will happen in a second-BOOM! Can you
picture THAT? 

This is me on top of practicing cartwheels-and handstands.  I am having a little trouble on cartwheels-not keeping my legs straight. Thank you!

 In Hilton Head we went swimming ALOT. Jameson figured out that he didn't need help to jump in by himself. I had my weird looking goggles on and... SPLASH! KABOOSH! Into the pool we went! 

I can't wait to write to you all again! Bye!

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