Monday, January 11, 2016

hands of love: christmas gifts...

Normally you'd be expecting some yummy recipes from a "Hands of Love" post.  I began "Hands of Love" posts five years ago when Caroline was losing her hair and we were trying to see if it could be helped through nutritional therapy.  At the time I had NO idea how to cook gluten, dairy, & soy free meals, and it truly became a full-time job for my "hands of love" to put food on the table.  

This "Hands of Love" doesn't have any recipes.  Instead, it has Christmas gifts I made this year with my "hands of love"!  (Thanks to a bazillion free tutorials on Pinterest and the excellent idea from my neighbor.)

 It was the year for burlap wreaths!

I was surprised how easy they were to make once I figured it out, and what's great about these wreaths is that the accessories on them can be changed out with the seasons so it can be a year-round gift.

 I even made them for our teachers' gifts.
 I think they turned out really cute!  I want to make one for myself now.
Family members got more personalized wreaths- like using initials and colors/things they love like peacock feathers...

 ...or even camouflage!  he he
I think my favorite was the one I made for my mother-in-law, who is a lover of all things deep red.  I ordered the red burlap online and it turned out gorgeous.

The burlap wreaths were a hit!  

Such a fun project for these "hands of love."

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