Thursday, March 10, 2016


Today, Marc's father went to be with Jesus.

He was a faithful husband for 61 years.

But around my house, he was affectionately known as "Papa."

He was the grandparent that loved you to the moon and back.

first time meeting Caroline
first time meeting Jameson
From the first time meeting my babies, he was smitten.  Though they weren't through his bloodline, he loved them just the same.

When he was able to travel, he loved nothing more than to ride up the road to come and visit us.

He'd save up all his pennies and give them to Caroline for ice cream money.

Although he gradually lost his eyesight, he kept his humor as well as his title "King of the Twist."

Over the years, Papa's walking stick made for a great microphone.

And Papa's leg made for a great horse-y.

But it was Papa's love and Papa's humor that we'll remember forever.

As Papa's health declined in recent years, and the "long goodbye" of dementia set in, we watched Papa able to do less, but love more. 

We watched a faithful wife serve day after day.

Jameson loved to help Papa
And as Papa needed more and more care, God was so faithful to provide it to him.  

Our hearts are broken this day.
My children have lost their Papa.

A wife has lost her husband.

My husband has lost his father.

And our family has lost its patriarch.

But what a beautiful legacy he leaves behind.

We know death is not the end.

We know that one day He will swallow up death and wipe the tears from our faces.  (Isaiah 25:8)

Just as sure as the body of Jesus was raised from the dead, so will all of those who trust in Him be raised again.

Papa, we already miss you like crazy.   It just feels like you should still be sitting in your chair at home enjoying some candy.

But well done to a life well-lived.  
You will be remembered as a man that loved Jesus and his family above all else.
We will surely see you again.


  1. Beautiful post and pics... We love you guys and praying for the whole Corbett family... - Jeremy and Jeanine Higdon

  2. I so wish I could hug you guys right now! To mourn alongside you. Praying with tears and groans.

  3. Amy, what a beautiful tribute. Please tell Marc how sorry we are for his loss and how much we are looking forward to meeting this wonderful man in heaven and inhabiting the New Creation with him....where there will be no more death and no more tears and we will live in the light of the risen Lamb! Much love to you all and a soecial hug to Marc.

  4. This is a perfect memorial for FM, I cried and cried, everything you wrote was beautiful and every picture is precious. We love y'all to pieces and we will see you on Sunday.