Saturday, July 2, 2011

stay-cation 2011...

Maybe we were crazy when we volunteered to host our family's annual vacation & have 17 people live & sleep in our house for the week!!... we'll see. With that many people, 2 showers in our house just wasn't going to cut it. We had had future plans to add a 3rd shower to our downstairs half bath, and we were thinking waaaaay future plans....until the plan of "Stay-cation 2011" became the chosen location. (stay tuned this week to see all the fun...) :)

We are SOOOO proud of Daddy & his handyman skills! He completed EVERYTHING in this project: demo, plumbing, framing/construction, electricity, carpentry, painting, etc. He's amazing. Here's the before:

Our 1/2 bath before.

And here's the after! Way to go, Daddy!

So now the shower is complete and the house is clean-- just waiting for the people for Stay-cation 2011 to begin!

And while we're showing you our house, wanna see another cool thing some friends and I made recently? (I cannot take any credit for being crafty, but this is is a COOL one and we all decided to try one!)

A wreath made out of book pages! So cool, huh?

Here's how you make it. Cost me less than $5 (I got the book for 25 cents at a yard sale) and it looks pretty good above my piano downstairs, don't ya think?

Whew! It's been alot of work getting the house ready for 17 people, but I think it's finally that time! Don't call me this week... I'll call you... :) I'm on STAY-cation!
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  1. Nanny & PapaJuly 2, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    We are proud of all of you. Takes lots of work and guts! See you on Sunday with the other bunch being there already! Looking forward to a fun week!

  2. What a nice addition to your house. Have fun!