Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween bash, preschool style...

Me: So, Caroline, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?
Her: A princess!
Me: (that's easy enough. We've got plenty of dress up costumes already for THAT one! Call me cheap. Call me no fun. But I'll call it resourceful and frugal.) :) Okay, well, we can pick out your favorite princess dress and wear a princess hat with it!
Her: And I want princess hair.
Me: You do?
Her: Yes. I want some princess hair.
Me: Well okay. I think we can make that happen.

And 15 wig attempts and $20 later...

waalah! "Yellow" princess hair. (he he! Doesn't look right anymore, does it?) :) And now she's ready for her first big preschool bash.

Enter Mommy & Daddy, who yes, are those parents. Pathetically, we had no great costumes, but we weren't about to just be NORMAL!! So why not throw on a couple of chef hats & aprons just because we CAN?! (and not only did we show up to the school like this, but yep- we went around town like this, too. We have no shame, can't you tell? We're used to getting stared at.)

AND these gals were ready to party!! (did ya notice we got our faces painted, too?)

At the parade through the school, Caroline wanted to be the caboose.

Then the class lined up and performed the Halloween songs they had been learning.

Time to EAT! A plate filled with... SUGAR, of course!!! Oh my goodness, today's sugar intake was unprecedented. Had I eaten all of that, I think I would be experiencing a sudden onset of diabetes right about now...

What a great Halloween party! Thank you, Mrs. Paige and Mrs. Q!!
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  1. Caroline, you are a precious princess, but we like you better without the blonde hair. You are not a dumb blonde. (ha, ha). Thanks for the pics and sharing with us mom & dad. Love ya.