Tuesday, October 18, 2011

we love our job...

We love RUF. We love getting to love on college students and minister the Gospel to them.

It doesn't get any better when we get to enjoy RUF conferences/retreats away together as a group. There is no better time for students to bond and grow close with one another. Time for hiking, for rest, for worship, for good conversation, for bonfires & smores, and for enjoyment.

We love our current group of students. They are a great mix. Many in our group are seniors, so you all need to send us lots of Kleenex around May!!... (that's the downside to this job--- having to say goodbye to these students we come to LOVE!)

And what's even more exciting is that all 5 of our colleges in Lynchburg were represented at our RUF Fall Conference this past weekend! (Liberty, Lynchburg College, Sweet Briar, Randolph College, & Central Virginia Community College)

Usually RUF's are on a particular campus across the country-- RUF at Clemson, RUF at Texas Tech, for example. But only 2 in the country include multiple campuses & are citywide-- New York City and... US!!! Woohoo! (what a comparison, eh? New York City and good 'old Lynchburg, VA! ha!)

Fall Conference is also a VERY fun time for our family because several of the other Virginia RUF campus minister's bring their families, too! So as you can imagine, Caroline was in heaven.

These two can be sooo silly. :)

So can these two. :)

Can I just say I love central Virginia?! And to think this is only 40 minutes away from my house!!

Oh, and speaking of RUF, I realized we haven't shown you guys a photo of our new location! We are still in a renovated warehouse/church towards downtown (it's a central location for all 5 of our schools), but this semester we needed a bigger room to accommodate our growth, so we just switched rooms in the same place. We have about 75-100 students coming each Thursday night (shown above) as Marc has been going through a series called "Gospel Driven Relationships." It's been awesome.

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  1. this all looks so refreshing!! great students, great setting, encouraging growth! i'm looking forward to seeing y'all in december and hearing more about corbett life!

  2. Very newsy. Thanks for the update.

  3. I love the new RUF large group spot! So modern. :)

  4. What great pictures! May I just say that I love you all so much and really, really miss you!

  5. The pics are great! Thanks for sharing with us. Love ya,