Tuesday, November 22, 2011

potential future career paths #17...

Now that I'm approaching 4, don't you think it's time I begin sorting through my career choices? ;-)

Maybe for this post, I'll consider acting in my future (because I'm quite the drama queen??).... I'm certainly the star of my own show, :) so let's brainstorm some starring roles for me together, shall we?...

I'm sure there's some Disney princess movie out there just waiting for me.

Or perhaps I'm better suited for a documentary centered around the first Thanksgiving.

How about the Wicked Witch in the next remake of the Wizard of Oz?

The way I'm able to multi-task, I could always play the silly stay-at-home mom on a sitcom. (though it looks like my baby is currently suffocating, so that's not looking so promising either...)

Maybe something like HGTV is where it's at for my acting career.

...or maybe I'm destined to do appliance demonstrations...

... or mattress commercials...

Hmmmm. Oh, wait! Nope, I've got it! I KNOW where acting can take me!

You tell US!

(let's hear some ideas on this picture & we'll pick a winner!)
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  1. Well, no one else has taken at stab at it, so I'll try. I'm trying to figure out what the picture is, but the first thing that came to mind was a tent revivalist. :)

  2. I randomly came across your blog, I am a complete stranger, but I just wanted to tell you- I just spent probably 3 hours a day for a week going through and reading your entries. You two seem like AMAZING parents, and I honestly have been keeping an eye out for a potential adoption just for y'all! I grew up with a girl with alopecia, and I never even took notice of her lack of hair until someone pointed it out, and just like all girls with female best friends I always saw her as prettier, and I was always jealous of how beautiful she was! Your Caroline is absolutely GORGEOUS! You two are the most inspiring parents I have ever met, and if ANYONE deserves children, it is you! God bless! -Just a stranger in awe of your love for Caroline!

  3. A Ghost Writer or an anonymous Writer of course!

  4. Why she is a Detective on a stake out, of course :)

  5. Wycliff Bible translator in a third world country!

  6. Some great guesses, you guys! And I am really touched by the kind, kind words, anonymous. :) And the winner is..... Lindsay! She's a tent revivalist! :)