Monday, November 14, 2011

when all is silent...

Announce to the world we're looking to adopt again: check. (yay! that was exciting! Thank you for helping us get the word out!)

Complete adoption application: check. (got that part finished! yay!)

Now....what to do next?

Homestudy paperwork and interviews should start up soon. But mostly? I'm
called to WAIT.

And be still.

And wait some more, hoping and praying that something is happening behind the scenes.

This is not easy for a "doer" like me. I can't stand the waiting without doing, so I naturally find myself glued to the laptop researching baby names online into the night just to give me the false sense that I'm "doing" something.

Suddenly I'm remembering this emotional rollercoaster called Adoption. But unlike the
rollercoaster of Infertility, the ride of Adoption is way more exciting (to us, at least) once it gets going.

So we've strapped on our seat belts and we're ready to go! Let's go!

But things are quiet.

And unsure. And the ride hasn't begun.

Um, hello? Is anybody working this thing? We're ready! When is this thing gonna start?

But all is quiet, and continues to be this way. And when there is nothing pressing for me to do, I am tempted to think nothing is happening. That maybe there will be no ride afterall. That maybe we'll never welcome another into our family. That maybe God is not at work.

Stop despairing, my heart!

For I know He is ALWAYS at work, even when all is silent. And so I'll continue to walk by faith and not by sight...


  1. YES! keep telling yourself the truth! so hard to believe, but saying it helps, doesn't it? in the agony of waiting i'm reminded of a phrase from "passion and purity" (i think) that says some flowers need the dark of night in order to bloom. we'll be praying!

  2. i don't know if your agency does international adoptions but there is a Indian baby who will need adopting in 9 months. I can pursue it if you would like. Just drop me an email. Love you

  3. amy! have you started reading One Thousand Gifts? read it! dive in. you'll love it.
    thanks for all the sweet words to our growing family. and know that i am praying for your next child!

  4. Hopefully, the sound of a crying baby will fill the silence soon!! ; )

  5. God says, "Be still and know that I am God". He is at work, and will answer in a still small voice. Have faith in Him. Praying and love you all.

  6. Praying God will provide another sweet baby to join the Corbett clan!

  7. I know this is an old post, but thank you for this! My husband and I have decided to start the process of adopting and have announced it to the world, as you did, and now I feel the same way as you did at that time. I'm anxious for something to happen, I hate waiting. I'm ready to get our homestudy done and get things rolling.
    Thank you for all of your posts and most importantly, your honesty. It's so helpful to not feel so alone!