Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Also 10 minutes from our house on Liberty University's campus is a year-round ski slope. (yes, you read that right. Year-round skiing.) Apparently this is the only one in the US, so I guess that sorta makes it a big deal.

As our family was hiking the other day, we decided to stop by the slopes to watch the skiers & noticed they had opened up a large lane for tubing! (not just the bunny hill anymore)

So then, of course our little gal was captivated and just had to give it a try herself. :)

We started on the bunny hill.


What's faster- a sled or a tube?

Of course it was the sled.

Therefore, our little daredevil then needed a sled. (I love this look on her face before she took off!)

And we're off!

I'm beating Daddy!

Now it's time for the BIG hill... for this hill, we'd have to "couple up." I (Caroline) was Thomas & Daddy was James.

First, we pulled our tubes onto this little escalator-thingy that took us to the top.

Get in the tubes and connect them together...

And go!!!

This was my expression after the first run. :)

Wanna see us go down together? Watch this!

Again, again!!

Many more runs down the mountain.

Until, unbeknownst to Mommy, she sees this happening...

Yes, that's her husband joyfully careening down the mountain ALONE, while her almost-4 yr. old daughter waits next in turn.

To go down by HERSELF??? (in between runs, she'd been begging Marc to go down by herself, but Mommy had no idea it was actually going to happen!)

And there she goes!

Here's the video of her first solo run... :)

This gal is a daredevil, indeed.
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  1. These pics are ADORABLE!!

  2. Caroline, you do those things that Nanny has never done and probably will not do. Go, girl!!
    Love y'all.

  3. How fun!! She's a brave girl. Great post, great pics!