Thursday, February 2, 2012

hands of love #24...

Well, not much "new" stuff to share this time, but still thought I'd (Amy) post some pics anyways!
Unfortunately, Marc's not been feeling well lately. Even on his gluten free diet, all of his abdominal pain & gastro "issues" have resumed, and it's left him frustrated and feeling sick. After doing some more reading and research, his main theory is all of his sugar intake which he hasn't been limiting since before the holidays when all of this started. (we know he has a problem with sugar because after he drinks a sugary drink, for example, he'll break out in a rash & get really itchy!)

So now, in addition to being gluten free & mostly dairy free, he's now recently made the decision to try to help his gut heal by going GRAIN-free and sugar-free for a time. (I know, I know. We're now those wierd, kooky people.) We know it seems ridiculous, but for Marc, he said he was feeling so bad that he was willing to try anything, and after a week & a half of it, he is feeling SO much better. (though I don't think this will last much longer!!! I must admit, Caroline and I have run out for pizza when Marc is eating lunch with a student...)

So what can you eat when you're going temporarily grain-free??, people ask. (no rice, no wheat, no corn.)

Made with hands of love....

A TON of salads. (that goes without saying, I'm sure)

Eggs, bacon, & fruit for breakfast.

A hamburger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

Steak, potatoes, steamed veggies.

This dish without the quinoa...

I found a recipe online for "paleo" pancakes... they were interesting, lemme tell ya... there's a reason I'm NOT posting the recipe online.... :)

A crustless quiche.

Omelets with any toppings inside.

Lots and lots of these frozen pops from fresh smoothies that we make. (a GREAT way to pack in veggies like spinach & kale into your kids, by the way)

And the BEST thing to eat (whether you're on a restrictive diet or NOT!) was a homemade, cauliflower pizza! For those of you who didn't try making one the first time we posted one, now is the time to try it! You will seriously be amazed. There's no flour or grain in it. Yep- a crust made of a vegetable. AND it's delicious. Perfect.

Here's the recipe. This is what it looks like when you get the cauliflower, eggs, & cheese shaped into a "crust" on your pizza stone.

After you bake it, it comes out like this.... yumm!

Then put whatever toppings you want on it, bake it a little longer, and...

out comes your pizza! Hope you will try it & see what you think!
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  1. golly that pizza looks good...could you please send me that recipe? i'm gonna give that a try this week!