Friday, February 24, 2012

my dad is great...

It's no secret that we've got a GREAT daddy in our family. But I bet ya didn't know a few of these facts... (straight from our 4 year old's mouth, of course)

He is "37" years old. (check- she knew that one!)

His hair is "brown." (check)
His eyes are "blue." (check)

He weighs "121" lbs. (um, he did lose a lot of weight going gluten free, but not quite that much) :)

He is "83" feet tall. (wow. he he!)

My dad likes to relax by "lays down." (check)

His favorite tv show is "Strawberry Shortcake." (wait a minute, I think that's someone else's favorite around here...)

He likes to cook "yummy meals." (in all honesty, he likes to eat the yummy meals more than he cooks them, sweetheart) :)

It makes me happy when he "laughs at me." (awwww...)

If I could take my dad on a trip, we'd go to "Chicago." (ha!)

And the BEST part...

The best thing about my dad is "he loves me."

Yes, he does indeed.
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  1. You are right on, Caroline! He is a great dad and a great son! Love ya!