Friday, February 17, 2012

happy UN-birthday...

Yeah, someone (not naming any names here) was up at 2:30AM (AND STAYED UP!) because she was super excited about the beginning of the birthday celebrations...

...which kicked off with the annual UN-birthday tradition!

My best bud, Leah's birthday is on Feb. 16th.
Mine is on the 18th.
So what's the day in-between?
Well, naturally it's the UN-birthday. :)
As we're showing you guys here, Leah's 4 & it's my last day to be 3.

Leah & I opened our UN-birthday gifts with delight!

Here we are showing off our new shirts. Leah's totally into Dora, and I'm totally into Cinderella.

Every good UN-birthday party includes some dress-up dancing...

What a fun time we had, and how special is it that we gals have grown up together, just 5 houses away from each other?!

Now, off to South Carolina for the big birthday bash tomorrow!

So long, 3! It's been nice knowing you and we're thankful to usher in 4. (More than the "terrible 2's" were the "terrible 3's" for us, you understand...)

But first, that 2:30AM wake up time is starting to catch up with me...
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    May God grant you many more. We love you and wish the best for you.

    Great Grandpa and Grandma Barnett