Tuesday, June 5, 2012

under construction #3...

Would you like to see a few images of why you really DON'T want to remodel your kitchen afterall??  Quit watching HGTV and looking at Pinterest NOW while you're ahead.  Perhaps a reality check is in order.  Let me help you out...

The plastic "drapes" were a nice thought to try to contain the sheetrock dust from spreading everywhere in the house.  If only that worked.

Sheetrock dust is not the only thing spread out across my house... someone came over and said, "Amy, it's like your house threw up on itself!"  Yes, it is.  Yes. it. is.  (deep breaths)

It was probably around this point I hit rock bottom with the stress of it all.  But at least I didn't have to do dishes??

Fortunately, Uncle Johnny came to the rescue!  He drove up from South Carolina, and in just 24 hours, it was amazing how much he & Marc accomplished finishing electrical work, installing and mudding sheet rock, and starting on the floor!  Grateful might be an understatement.

Meanwhile, someone's still having a blast in all of the chaos.  :)

Our RUF student, Ben, came to the rescue the next day and helped us lay the hardwood floor.  Thank yoooooouuuuu, Ben.

And thank yooooouuuu, Caroline, for grabbing a mallet and helping our family!  (and if only I'd gotten a picture of Marc, myself, Ben, and our niece, Callie, staying up until 2am that night working on the floor before we left town the next morning...thankfully the floor is 90% finished now when we return.  Our new cabinets come in sometime next week.)

It'll be worth it... one of these days...

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  1. hang in there! It's looking great!!

  2. and what are you doing posting about this while you're on VACATION???? You're supposed to forget about all that while you're gone! :)