Thursday, February 6, 2014

rites of passage...

There are childhood rites of passage.  

Firsts and experiences that mark a developmental stage in our life.   

This week we've had a few.

Yesterday after school, Caroline climbed into the car in tears, telling me she had gotten a "red light" during school, which means an automatic trip to the principal's office.  I couldn't help but well up with tears for her as I watched her little heart so devastated and broken. She had talked with a friend during nap time, and then when asked about it, Caroline tried to get out of trouble by lying to the teacher.  She knew she had done wrong, and there was no need for me to make her feel any worse.  I leaned back, gave her a hug, and told her I was so sorry that happened.  It was totally the right call by the teacher, and a good lesson for my sweet girl.  

She actually hadn't gone to the principal's office just yet.  The principal wasn't there, so Caroline would have to wait until today to see her, which left me with a sad, scared, and anxious little gal for an overnight!

On the way home, we talked about all of my experiences in the principal's office, and times when I thought lying would help me, but it actually got me in more trouble.  We talked about what it would be like to go to the principal's office and what would probably happen.  She said she felt like the teacher didn't like her when she gave her that consequence, but then the teacher hugged her and told her she loved her.   It's a crazy hard concept for my child to understand that she is given consequences because she is loved. She cannot grasp (even as hard as we try to show her) that when she is disciplined for her actions, she hasn't lost our approval or our love.  

But as you'd expect, the meeting with the principal today went well.  (I think Caroline was relieved it was over more than anything.)  And maybe, just maybe, it will help deter her from trying that again??

Trip to the principal's office...  check.  She's now experienced that rite of passage.

This little guy has gotten in his own trouble this week as well.  

Suddenly it's SOOOOO fun to find something to slosh around in the toilet water.  (ewwww....!!!)  I've caught him twice in the last two days now.  

Playing in the toilet.... check.  He's now experienced this rite of passage.  (here's to hoping he'll move on from this phase quickly!!)

Ahh, childhood.  Good stuff.


  1. You handle your children's wrong doings with so much love and grace.

  2. That's because we've been there,done that! Love them so much!