Thursday, February 20, 2014

but first...

Before I show you all of the birthday festivities, you've gotta see the un-birthday first!

UN-birthday, you ask?  Yes, yes!

If you've been around for some time now, you know it's become a long-standing tradition between Caroline and her best friend, Leah.

Leah's birthday is on February 16th.  Caroline's is on February 18th.

So that naturally makes February 17th the UN-birthday!

And we think that's reason to celebrate.  :)  See the tradition here.

Caroline's last day of being five.  (sniff sniff!)

Leah is a proud six!
This year I bought these two matching shirts, appropriate for their little personality together:  "The Princess Has Arrived."  :)  They were ecstatic to be matching.

(I love how they naturally stuck their bellies OUT as far as they could to model their shirts.  Because when you're my age, you're doing everything you can to suck it IN!  ha!)

 These two have NO shortage of energy together.

And there's certainly no shortage of love, either.

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