Sunday, February 17, 2013

a very happy UN-birthday to you...

It's February 17th.

So I have to wish you a Happy UN-birthday.

You remember the tradition, right?

Caroline's best friend, Leah, was born on February 16th.  Caroline on the 18th.

So naturally, that makes the 17th... the UN-birthday!

You see, this friendship goes WAY back.  (It makes us teary how special this is!)  This picture was taken the first day these girls met.  Less than 6 months old.

Playing together on Caroline's first birthday.

Then we had the brilliant "UN-birthday" idea.

The first official UN-birthday at age 2...

At this one, they were shooting some hoops.

At tonight's UN-birthday, they enjoyed frozen yogurt and running wild.

It's kinda cool that the UN-birthday is the only day of the year where they do not share the same age, so we've begun documenting the age difference through a photo each year...

Caroline was 2 and Leah was 3.

Caroline was 3 and Leah was 4.

And tonight?  Caroline is still 4 and Leah is 5!

Picture of the gals two years ago...

... and the gals today!

There was only ONE, small difference this year from the others.... can you guess what it was??

A little twelve pound baby boy to share it all with.
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  1. Leah loves the color pink! Ps. I love the music theme for her birthday party. That's a great idea!