Sunday, February 17, 2013

she's got the music in her...

It was a musical celebration.

For a year of piano, singing, and dancing.

(Of course, her mama, the musician, is oh so proud.)

We took a quick trip to see our South Carolina family (Marc's side) and party down.

The table was set.  (Okay, and don't you LOVE these giant paper sheet-music flowers done by our former RUF student & resident "crafting queen," Casey?!  Oh my goodness, you should totally check out her paper bridal bouquets at her Etsy store and be utterly amazed!)

Nanny made an oh-SOOOO-delicious musical cake.

This birthday girl was ready to party!

But not without her beloved cousins.

Light the candles and sing happy birthday!

Blow 'em out!

Time to celebrate Julius' birthday, too, so let's sing another rousing "Happy Birthday!"

All the loud cheering was apparently too much for our little guy.  (aww...)

(We think Jameson will grow up to be handsome like his cousin Julius.)

Pigging out on CAKE!  Yummmmm...

Catching a nap with Papa...

The keyboard from Pop & Mamie (my parents) topped off the musical birthday!

We're home now and she's loooving it.

I have a feeling she's going to love 5, too.
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  1. I got 4 hits from your blog today! Thanks!!! :)

    And I see Caroline finally agreed to clean her desk?