Wednesday, February 6, 2013

february flashback #13...

It's February!  So you long-time CrazyforCaroliner's know what that means... it's time for some February flashbacks!

Here goes...

A couple of February's ago, I was just enjoying all the time in the world with my little gal.

And this February, she and I are THRILLED to spend our days loving on our new little guy!

It was last February that Marc and I made our first call to the agency to inquire about adopting again.

And this February?  Oh my.  Our hearts are so full.

Last February, this gal would pray with us just about every night that God would send us just the right birthmommy at just the right time.  At that point, she wanted a brother and a sister.  :)

And this February?  He has answered her sweet little prayers.  (with just a brother, but nobody around here is complaining!)  :)

I couldn't fathom God's goodness to me five Februarys ago.

And I'm still trying to wrap my head around it today.
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  1. Oh... they are so precious. Can't wait till next week-end when we celebrate those 5 years, and see the little man.. he is growing! Love y'all.

  2. Hey Amy they sure are cute! Isn't it amazing to see how God has worked in your family when you reflect. Awesome!!..we can't hardly wait to have a play date with your kiddos...but Caroline has had a fever for 3 days and has double ear when this cold is all clear I will get in touch with you. Thanks Amy...also for some odd reason I can not get on facebook, but you can email me Talk to you later