Friday, February 8, 2013

four in three...

Sometimes life feels like two steps forward, one step back.

Our little guy is growing beautifully.  (He's still only in the 10-25% for his age, but we like him itty bitty!)

Today he turned three months old.

Three months ago, he weighed just over six pounds.

He was smaller than James John, the Cabbage Patch doll!

And now?  He's almost twelve pounds, towering over James John!

So even with the silent reflux stuff, the good news is that he's having no trouble doing what babies are supposed to do:  grow!  Way to go, buddy!

Several weeks ago, we switched to a hypoallergenic formula (which costs an arm and a leg, of course...) and started some medicine to help his reflux.  We figured out some other tricks-of-the-trade for helping reflux babies-- keeping them upright for 30 minutes after feeding, elevating one side of the crib, thickening his bottle with a touch of rice cereal to help keep everything "down," etc. etc.

It felt like we were getting a hold on things, and then for whatever reason, the reflux kicked back up.

Here's what's happening...

Acid from his stomach comes up his throat and even into his nose at times.
That causes his body to produce mucous to protect his nasal passageways.
Then the protective mucous gets him congested.
And the congestion moves to his ears and becomes infected.

At his two month well-visit, he had his second ear infection.

Thus, we treated with an antibiotic.  Everything looked good and clear at the follow-up visit last week.  We were relieved.

Unfortunately, just a few days after our follow up appointment, the reflux started acting up again.  And again came the cycle of symptoms.

Please, let's not head to ANOTHER ear infection, God!  was my prayer this week.

But that's exactly where we were headed.

This afternoon, just after a sweet lunch date with Mommy and Daddy where Jameson was cooing and all smiles, he came home and began screaming out inconsolably in pain.

It was awful.  It broke our hearts.

All four of us were in tears.

Even Caroline ran to the computer to type out this message:


Dear mom and dad
I love you so much I am not happy about Jameson’s CRY  CRY CRY!!!! :( oh no!! sorry about his cry!!
He is so FUNNY!!  Oh my goodness that’s a bad cry I’ve ever heard!!
oh goodness I am sorry about his cry :( OH MY GOODNESS      (“HELP ME LORD GOD”)
Love caroline

And for the chilled-out, happy and relaxed baby that Jameson naturally is,
today's episode made it easy to know we needed to take him in.

Sure enough, another ear infection.

Our doctor said it's not yet time to talk about tubes.  He's too little.  She did say, however, she thinks that's where we're headed.

I know lots of kids get ear infections, and I know lots of kids get tubes in their ears.  (We'll cross that bridge when it comes.)  But it doesn't seem like those moms are quite as heartbroken and anxious as I feel right now!  Um, hello- four infected ears in 3 months??  Am I just a wimp, or is this just really as hard as it feels?  My heart is so broken for this little one!

We need to outgrow this reflux stuff NOW!

I know he'll be okay, and in a day or so, he'll be feeling much better.  But I feel like we're just waiting for the shoe to drop until the next time around, perhaps in a few weeks from now.

(deep breath)

For someone who looooves being in control, I'm feeling so helpless right now.

I just want him to be okay.
I love him so much.
No mama wants to see her baby in pain.

Praying the Great Physician will comfort and heal
my sweet baby boy tonight.


  1. So sorry that you are going through this. I read about this Tucker sling on an adoption forum I look at. They said it can be covered by insurance. Hope your poor little guy gets better soon. YOur family is precious!

  2. Hi Ranee! We actually got the Tucker sling two weeks ago!! It has been helpful to keep him upright during the night- we like it alot. Thank you!!

  3. Both of my kids had reflux. Both grew out of it around 7 months old. It is a long journey but the Lord only gives you what you can handle.

  4. Poor baby...and no walk in the park for the rest of you! Those ear infections can make the sweetest, most laid-back baby sooo fussy and inconsolable! I hope he feels better soon and the next infection isn't right around the corner. :(

  5. It will get better. I know it is hard as you are experiencing all this, but God is Good. He will give you strength and He is always with you and will help you all through this. Praying for all of you. Especially the little guy with all the pain. Even though I know all of you are going through pain too. Love ya.