Monday, June 9, 2014

catch up...

Is anybody still out there?  Why, hello again!  It's been too long.

So much has happened since I last posted.

First of all, we've MOVED!  Hurray!!

(more on that later... and pictures, I promise!)

Aaaaand, Marc and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on June 5th!  Woohoo!!!

There's so much to catch up on, but first, allow me to finish sharing pics from our annual RUF Summer Conference trip to Florida with our college students!  (Uh, nope, my kid is not a ham.  I don't have a CLUE where she got this from... ahem...)

This was a surprisingly GREAT Summer Conference!  I say surprisingly because with only two girls and a huge load of guys (minus the two students photo-bombing in the back of the picture above... ha!), I honestly didn't know if the group dynamics would be as great as we usually have. (I like how Jameson couldn't get off his phone call to smile for the picture.)

But especially during small group time, it was amazing to watch our group opening up to and being transparent with one another.  (Even the guys!  So impressed.)  You can pray that God would continue to use that conference in the students' lives this summer and in the year to come.

On a family note, I was able to pull Caroline out of school for the week so that our family could come to the conference, and it just so happened to be Caroline's weekend to take home the class bear, Smokey.

So Smokey got a free trip to the beach!
And not just a trip to the beach, but Smokey even got a chance to come on stage and take a picture up front with the ENTIRE conference!!!!  Smokey's a rock star!!!  (That was a fun picture to put in the class scrapbook.)  ha!

More posts soon!

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