Monday, June 30, 2014

river rats...

Marc was asked to preach at a church a couple of hours away, which allowed our family the opportunity to spend a quick overnight with dear friends.

 Friends who just happen to live on the river, too!

We made some memories together.

 Helping Daddy paddle.
I could see the excitement on her face.
Time to get out and wade in!
 Whatcha think, Jameson?
Caroline found some pieces of old pottery in the river.
 Learning to float the river...
 (proof that I was there...)

She figured it out!   Let the river do the work!

 Jameson enjoyed some floating of his own.
 Check out the tiny baby frogs!!
A great afternoon on the river.

An ever greater visit with friends.

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  1. Great for your firends, too! we love you all!