Tuesday, July 8, 2014

six year old guest blogger...

We've got our first guest blogger on Crazy for Caroline, and it's Caroline herself, here to tell you about and share her own pictures of our weekend trip to Pittsburgh for our niece, Callie's, wedding.

Now there is NO telling where this blog post will be heading, so open up your imaginations and enjoy...

 this is the picture of Magic and Lovie getting ready for pittsburgh!
Magic is BEST friends with Lovie and i think they like tea Party's too! at least i didn't show a picture of the tea party, but i still think that they like tea party's! haha!

 this is the tunnel that leads you into pittsburgh and these tunnels that are in pittsburgh are LONG!   i'm glad i took the picture of this tunnel because i would never of remembered pittsburgh! are the tunnels in lynchburg long too? i'm not sure. i don't know if Magic got to see the tunnels that we went through. i'm pretty sure that i forgot Lovie, haha!

 this is the picture of when we came out of the tunnel. i know that sometimes when you have to go somewhere and you need to do through a tunnel there is traffic! boring, boring, BORING! isn't sitting in traffic boring?
this is the picture of.... can you guess?

its.... OUR HOTEL!!! our whole South Carolina family
what? HOW DID I GET A HAND IN MY PICTURE? i am SO SO SO SO mad! do you think that i am CRAZY????? "uh huh" ughhhh! you said uh huh!!!!! you are crazy!

this is a picture of pittsburgh.

isn't it SO beautiful?

the boats in the river are adorable?

if you click on the picture you might be able to see the water fountain on the left side
ooh la la! this picture is so beautiful with the train in it and you can see part of the river and  you can see the boats! if you go to the picture above this one you can see most of the river!
 this is abbyels little sister who i think is 2 years old. she kept on following me and Nora and her little sister Stella.

this is abbyel she like NEVER played with me that is so funny the worst part was when these blue, pink, orange fishy's came out (but they are not real) and they had games on them. i think there was green too.

i love you my cute, funny, adorable, teething, loving, caring boy!   this is my little brother who is 1 in a half years old his birthday is november 8th. you should love his picture my mom took all of these pictures off of my camera. 

if you want to see a picture of me
look up! see that girl with the purple dress on? and brown eyes? and a necklace? thats me! the one that posted this blog! (posting this blog!)  see ya soon!

don't you love my dad kissing my mom? AHHHHH! scary! 
and besides why did i say that? do you know the answer? you said: yes" what is it? you said: um um let me think because you're a bummer?" what? i'm a bummer? no way! that is terrible! you said: Oops! um i don't think i know the answer :)" ughhhhhhh! now nobody knows the answer! everybody in my kingdom come to me and bow. what d-o o ooo you ne-e e eeed sir? Nobody knows the answer in my kingdom the king said. Oh, no! thats horrible!  s-s sir? yes? roared the king, u-u um i don't t-t think nobody knows the answer. AHHHHHH! you are going to prison for this! i hear the siren now! run Rosetta, run! the whole kingdom made a tiny tiny tight circle around Rosetta.

this is Callie and James they are Moving to Lynchburg! 

this is Jen she was a bridesmaid in Callie's wedding and i think we were in the Reception and if you didn't know that i was a flower girl in the wedding you're a stinker! ah ha! ha! ha!

hi everyone this is Callie and James at their Reception
they are so great!

awww! so pretty of dancing! do you see that girl in the grayish dress? dancing with the guy in the white shirt? and can you see a little bit of his black pants? that is Callie and James dancing together! la la la la Oops sorry i'm singing:) haha! and that floor that they are dancing on is called a dance floor you said: what is a dance floor?" a dance floor is a floor that is easier to dance on. you said: Oh, now i get it!
this is another picture of me, "(which you already saw a picture of me!)" Mmmm i smell something yummy in your house! Mmmmmmm! it smells like Hmmmm ah ha! it smells like fudge! Hey you don't leave can i come over and have some fudge? please? you said:no" awwww!

And there you have it.  Our trip to Pittsburgh, and so much more...


  1. Words fail me....but obviously they don't fail Caroline! I love it!

  2. nanny & papaJuly 8, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    Way to go Caroline!