Sunday, July 13, 2014


Everyone's asking if I feel "settled" into our new place.

I don't know quite how to answer that question.

Does feeling settled mean all of the boxes are unpacked?  The boxes are unpacked.  (Sure, there may be piles of mess in almost every room, but hey.  The boxes are unpacked.)

Does settled mean all our stuff has a place to go and pictures are all hung on the wall?  Well then, no.  We're definitely not settled in that sense yet.  I'm reminding myself it's a slow process.

Here's one wall with pictures hung next to the front door.

Are we settled in the sense that we're living a more normal life, able to find what we need, and back to our usual activities?  Ehhhh, we're getting there.

Caroline eating in the dining room.

Does my house feel home-y to me yet?  Mmmmm, not yet.

Is it at a point where I'm comfortable leaving it alone for awhile?  Nope.  I've still got several projects going right now.  But we're getting closer and closer every day.

Maybe the "are we settled" question is meant more in the metaphoric sense.  '

Do I feel like this is home?

It's still WAY too surreal.  I stand in the front yard and stare at the 1851 architecture.  This is mine?  I mean, obviously I live here now.  But it's another thing to get used to thinking of it as my own.

Does it feel right to turn left out of the church parking lot instead of right?

No.  That's still weird.  Feels like we should be coming from the way we always used to come.

Am I used to the bumpy, brick-paved streets and the sounds of trains?

You know, last night was the first time I heard a train and felt calmed by the sound instead of jolted.  I guess what "they" say is true- you do get used to it.

Does being settled mean we're staying in and cuddling up?  Because no, we're not.  We've moved to a paradise of recreation, culture, and activity!  We're taking it all in and exploring all that's surrounding us-- in the evenings we're biking the trails, playing at the parks, spending WAY too much on the great dining around us, enjoying the children's museum we can WALK to, shopping at the famers' market, and getting to know our new neighbors.

In a way, this kind of living feels more like we're on vacation!

So no, I don't feel settled yet.  I'm sure the students coming back next month will help us get into the rhythm of a semester and a more normal life will kick in.

But am I loving it?  100% YES! 

Many locals have never even ventured to this neighborhood.  They don't know what they're missing!  (By the way, there are two beautiful houses for sale on our block, by the way, if anyone's interested in joining us!)   

We are loving this place.  We love the house, and I think right now, we are loving our neighborhood even more.

It's a great fit for our family.  For so many reasons.

We may not yet feel completely settled,
but everyday it's feeling a little more and more like HOME.

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