Sunday, February 22, 2015

before we went stir crazy...

Our first snow of the season came a week ago!

8 inches.  This was the scene down our street.

The first snow in our "new" house.

Of course, this girl was SO excited to get out in the white stuff.

He was pretty excited about it all himself.

Who knew that just behind our back yard was the perfect hill for sledding!

 And how fun is it that our niece, Callie, and her husband LIVE HERE now?!
(on the street behind us!)

What a blessing it has been to have family in the same town as us.  

Something we haven't had in 15 years.

Jameson LOVED sledding!

Can you see his smile?
My turn to ride
Then it was Marc's turn to sled by himself, 

and in typical Marc-style, he thought he'd try a steeper hill...

Can you see him?  Yep, he's in that ball of snow. 

Yeeeaaahhhh, baby!  (I'd say he enjoyed it.)
Callie and Caroline took a run on the steep hill themselves.

 Snowball fight with a neighbor!

(in oversized, purple Hello Kitty gloves, nonetheless... we weren't quite prepared for the winter, ha ha!)

 At least the Hello Kitty gloves didn't stop the snowball fights...
Or the incessant need to eat snow.
That afternoon, several college students and some more neighbors 
came over to play in the snow with us!

Angie and Caroline
Jameson, of course, found a way to play baseball using a stick and snowballs.

The kids loved the igloo the students made!

my sweet girl
The fun of a snow day.

....Except that now, one week later (with four more inches on the ground), we are pretty much done with the snow and stir crazy and ready to get back to school, PLEASE?!...

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