Wednesday, February 11, 2015

prince charming did come, his name is daddy...

 Friday night I sent him off on a date with another gal.

(she was excited she got to wear a little make-up and perfume!)

He was so excited to take Caroline to the father/daughter Valentine's Day dance.
These two had a blast dancing the night away and enjoying dessert to their hearts' content.

Prince Charming did come.

And his name is Daddy!
My date back home wasn't so bad himself.  Maybe just a tad on the rambunctious side...
 But so, so cute.

Man, I love him.

("no, no, no, I love YOU!" he and I say back and forth to one another now.)

I love this gal to pieces, too.

The day after the dance, Caroline was invited to enjoy a girls' tea party at the community center across the street from us.

(Technically, the party was for the girls in the after-school program at the center, but since my kids are always at the park playing with their kids, the community center staff have been so gracious to include Caroline in special things like this!  It's so sweet to see my daughter making friends in our neighborhood and to see them being so welcoming to her.)

Miss Ashley came and gave the girls two etiquette classes to prepare for Saturday's tea party!

(well now, that's surely one thing we could use a little more of around here...)
During class, she taught the girls how to correctly set the table, so Caroline helped with that job upon arriving.

I'd say the tea party was a success!  

Here's to a fun-filled weekend, before both of my kids started running fevers and we've now missed the last three days of school....

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