Monday, March 16, 2015


I came across some random pictures on my phone from the past few months!

Our little two-year old Jameson is now exploding with language!  Sooo maybe it's not all that clear to the average hearer, but for a guy who began with ear infections and speech delays, we are thrilled.  He's attempting to repeat almost every phrase he hears you say.

And being able to clearly communicate with him just makes us fall in love with him all the more.

 Caroline is our imaginative seven year old gal!

She made a circus in her room last Saturday.
 And at the very first sign of spring weather, she and her brother put on their swimsuits and made a "pool" to enjoy in her room.

 We have a season pass to the children's museum 
(a 10 minute WALK from our house!) 
and during the winter months, 
it's been a fun after-school activity 
for Caroline and Jameson to play and explore.

In the music studio, 
Jameson likes to take to the electric drums.
And Caroline's all about dat bass.  ha ha
 And out of all the amazing exhibits there,
it's funny that the two of them spend a good portion of time
playing together with these little "excavators,"
as they call them.

Jameson's obsessed with excavators.

Car rides are now just an excuse 
for the kids to search for them.

Construction is exciting stuff around here, folks.
Caroline is LOVING 1st grade and is doing really well in it.  Her handwriting is beautiful, and I'm impressed with all she's coming home learning each day.
 Awwww, look at the love birds.

Almost 17 years of marriage to this guy.

And I still like him.  ;)
 How about the REAL chicks that came to preschool playgroup at our community center last week??  How cool is THAT?!

Yeah, Jameson thought so, too.
 How about the time when he fell in love with the remote controlled R2D2 in the store?

Which was quickly followed by a 
screaming meltdown when we had to leave...
 Cute little pic from the playground across the street.

 Oh!  How about the time I was struggling to carry groceries up to my front door and accidentally dropped a gallon of milk?

Aren't you eager to see that picture?
 I may or may not have cried over spilled milk that day...
You know, there's alot to mourn in life these days.  But these two (as crazy as they make our life sometimes) are a reminder that in many ways, we are living some of our best days right now.  

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