Sunday, March 8, 2015

today they are mommy and daddy...

I cried a thousand tears when we said "no" to the social worker last month.  

We wanted to make it work.  Somehow.  We were intent upon giving these boys a family.

But it wasn't the right thing for them.   We weren't right for them.

I prayed earnestly that God would lead them to the right family.  And I prayed He might even allow me to be a small part of that.

Praise be to Him.  He has heard my cries.

This morning at church, in walked a brand new family of four.  

Little chocolate hands were holding on to big, strong vanilla ones.  My eyes filled with tears.  What a picture of God's love that He lavishes upon us, taking us(!?!) into His family and calling us His sons and daughters.  What a beautiful picture of love.  And commitment.   And all for the sake of those who will never understand or appreciate their sacrifice.

I couldn't stop looking back at them during church.  

For years, this couple has yearned for children and God hasn't allowed it.  I know that heart ache myself.

And yet, today a little child is snuggled up in each of their laps.  Today they are Mommy and Daddy for the first time.  Today I see a picture of beauty and triumph in the midst of brokenness and despair.  Today I get to watch as this precious family unites. 

Thank you, God.

Though I needed to say "no," God has provided us ALL a million "yes"es.   

Whether it be for just a time, or perhaps a lifetime, God has given these boys the loving family they need.  

And He has graciously filled my friends' home with laughter, all things superhero, and post-bath wrestling matches on the floor.  

And He has given me the opportunity to watch all of it and still be present in all of their lives.  

To Him be the glory.  Great things He has done.

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