Tuesday, December 15, 2015

a week in review...

Oh man.  We have just survived a week without daddy.  That's a big feat around here.  And as soon as he came back into town, I (Amy) have fallen down sick with a nasty stomach bug.  So we find ourselves just trying to hold it together and survive this Christmas season.

It's ten days until Christmas.  And I have not Christmas-shopped.

How about some highlights while Daddy was in Colorado at his annual RUF staff training?

This girl BEGGED me to go to the Humane Society where they'll let you hold and play with kittens to our hearts content.  She was in HEAVEN.  Too bad her Daddy is allergic to them.  And too bad her Mommy can barely keep two children alive, much less think about adding any animals to the mix...

A trip to the library is always a winner.  I love how engrossed Jameson is with these moving beads right now.

Caroline had been telling me about how her class pulls out their "eye-pads" after their work is finished.   I cracked up when I saw this was what she was talking about.

I love that my little guy still snuggles with me after naptime.

Tuesday night, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot when the three of us pulled up to a restaurant we had decided upon, completely unaware that it was KIDS EAT FREE night!!!  The three of us ate for a grand total of $9.03...woohoo!

 Mercy Pres worship team rehearsal

As a musician and worship director, Christmas is definitely my busy season.  And the week Marc was away was my busiest week of the year preparing for our church's annual Lessons and Carols service.  I must brag on this special group of musicians who led our congregation this past Sunday.  They did such an amazing job.  I am beyond blessed to lead this sweet group!

I also had some extra hours to meet up with a few RUF girls and friends.  Aaaand a few extra hours to binge-watch past episodes of "The Voice" to catch up to the season finale.  (he he...)

We made it through the week, counting down each day until Daddy returned.  Staying busy and having something fun to do each day made it a little easier for all of us.  I wish we could say that we're functioning again, but literally DURING our Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, I began coming down with the stomach bug.

Perhaps one of these days we'll find ourselves back at normal.

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