Wednesday, February 17, 2016

8 years ago...

8 years ago tomorrow I became a mom.  

Not in the traditional way, but through the loving, gut-wrenching sacrifice of another.

The story of Caroline isn't complete without her.

And neither is mine.

As Caroline turns 8 tomorrow, my mind is flooded with so many wonderful memories.

Meeting Megan for the first time.
Eating mexican food together the day before she gave birth. (pictured above)
Going to the hospital to have a baby, but not because I was in labor.
Rushing back into the room just before it was time to push, and watching Marc cut the cord.

I'll never be able to fully express my thankfulness for the opportunity Megan gave us to be present for Caroline's birth.

8 years ago we were all huddled up in a hospital room, taking turns diapering and feeding her through the night.  (truly a bonding experience...)

Our families became forever linked through adoption that day, and I wouldn't change a thing.
Adoption doesn't end the heart-breaking day a birthmother places her baby in your arms. 

Though it was the hardest day of her life, and simultaneously the happiest one of ours,
it thankfully wasn't a goodbye.

8 years later, our story still continues together.

 I can hardly wish Caroline "happy birthday" without reflecting upon all that God was up to in that time surrounding her birth.

Through adoption, we're ALL crazy for Caroline!  Here's to many more years to come!

We love you, mommy Megan and Brayden! (and all the family!)


  1. Bawled like a big baby.... thanks so much for this and all you have done ;)

  2. Bawled like a big baby.... thanks so much for this and all you have done ;)

  3. Megan Bitner is truely a strong spirt. That's why she is my best friend. Happy Birthday Caroline