Wednesday, June 1, 2016

eight year old guest blogger: the snake at my house...

Hello, again!  This is Caroline.  I want to tell you about some crazy stuff.

So, my SC family came and my aunt was walking back to my house after she had put some luggage in my grandma's car, and she saw this 8' long black snake. She thought, "Marc has put a rubber snake on the doormat." And the "rubber" snake stuck its tongue out at her and from inside we heard her scream. The snake slithered off of the doormat and my aunt hurried inside.

"People!" she panted. "There is an 8' long black snake going to the dining room window."

There were several gasps and screams and "whats" and "eeks". She and my dad went outside and my dad was like, "Oh, it is looking in the window. " Mom said, "Caroline, go inside and look at it face to face." So I went inside but I hurried back to my mom and said, "I can't do it."  I was too afraid. And after I said that, do you see those bushes in the background? The snake slithered through those and my dad followed.

Here is a picture up close. Go on with the story. Okay! My dad found a stick and picked up the snake with the stick, thankfully. My mom and I went inside with my cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandma and laughed as my dad threw the biting snake (not venomous) over the fence two doors down from our house. (Nobody lives in that house.)  We thought the story ended there.

But there's more to go, people. (we experienced that)

And that night we were on a walk and when we got back to our house there was an 8' long black snake at our house on the porch AGAIN.  I saw it first. My mom said, "Marc! You gave it one chance and now it is time to kill it." "Alright." My dad said.  We went inside and he got his BB gun and shot it right in front of my window! Then he had the snake's burial service.

 Here is a picture of the grave for the snake. My dad asked, "Do any of you have a few words to say about  the snake?" I said, "Mr. Snake, I'm glad you're gone." My dad said, "I'll say good riddance." My mom and Jameson had nothing to say.  I changed the cross to an X the next day because I hated that snake

Well that's the end of the first part.

I want to change the subject so that you all won't freak out. Do you see Jameson's ADORABLE little guitar pants? I sewed them. My amazing sewing teacher, Mrs. Maria, helped me! Hey, people in the crowd who like to buy adorable stuff! These are absolutely not for sale. He loves the pajama pants so much!
Jameson went to play-group today and I made excuses to get him all dressed up. I said that all these fabrics would help him get extra super powers. Haha! 

And last but not least, we (Jameson and I) think that my parent's treadmill is a jungle gym. LOL. 
(For people who have no idea what LOL means, LOL means "laugh out loud") Well, I should expect that everyone knows what LOL means.        Haha! I'll see you next time I write to you! (NONE of that makes sense, huh.) BYE! boohoo. boohoo. 

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