Saturday, April 24, 2010

at 26 months...

(We're almost a week late on this one, but hey- better late than never, right?)

It's probably easy for folks to begin defining me only by what's going on with me health-wise these days, but lest you begin thinking of me more like a science experiment, here's what the REAL me is up to! :)

  • As you'll see from these pictures, I am an OUTDOORS gal. I want to be outside as much as possible, and my sand/water table is a PERFECT activity for me to learn.
  • I am 100% personality! Words that people would describe me might be: strong, polite, silly, joyful, sweet, and super smart.
  • Speaking of smart, my cousin Lala did a grad-school project in speech pathology on my language ability, and it said that at the time of my 2nd birthday in Feb, I was talking at the level of a 3 YEAR OLD!
  • I now wake up from naps and sleeping by exclaiming loudly in my crib, "See? I wake up from nap, Mommy!"

  • I'm a ball of energy! Dancing, running, going up and down stairs, playing at a playground, you name it...
  • I love saying all kinds of nursery rhymes and songs now such as "Ring around the Rosies," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "Rock a Bye Baby."
  • My favorite hymns to sing are "Holy Holy Holy," "Come Thou Fount," (I can sing 2 full verses!) "Jesus Lover of My Soul," and "Amazing Grace."
  • I know all 26 letters, all numbers up to 10, and did I ever tell you I finally figured out my colors? (that was probably a month or so ago, but nonetheless...)
  • I think I have reached what people probably refer to as the "terrible twos." I like to shout "NO!" and disobey Mommy & Daddy. This leads to lots of frustrating time-outs but also sweet, heart-to-heart talks about how God wants us to obey Mommy & Daddy. Lots of opportunities to talk about the Gospel: how much we need Jesus every day, and how thankful we are for His goodness and grace to us.

  • Still not a fan of swings, guys. I'll tolerate them for a minute, but oh, I'll slide down the TALLEST slide you can find! I can't tell you enough-- slides are my FAVORITE!! (which has Mommy & Daddy on the lookout for a nice wooden swingset for the back yard...)
  • I am not the world's greatest bubble blower by far. When I blow, I make the sound like this: "fffffffff..." so needless to say, the bubbles aren't flying out by the dozens. ha! We'll keep working on it. :)
  • I am finally doing GREAT with going into the nursery at church, and when "Mommy and Daddy go on DATE, they come back and getchu." (at least that's what I have to tell myself out loud repeatedly when they're away... Good coping skill, I guess.) :)

  • I've figured out how to take a few rotations on my tricycle! In no time, I'll be pedaling all over the place.
  • Mommy is thankful I am still a good sleeper. I sleep from 8:00pm-6:45am and take a three hour afternoon nap.
  • Bald or not, I am Mommy & Daddy's dream come true.
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  1. Such a smart, sweet girl! You just wait Ames....she reminds me so much of E. Knowing letters and colors and numbers early. E is about to turn four and has been reading for about three months. She'll now pick up my fiction books and read them aloud to me! Just wait, I guarantee sweet Caroline will do that same. Smart girl!

  2. what a great update! she sounds like a wonderful handful of interests and energy! i so long to meet her! i've got a big girl here that would love to do some romping with an energetic younger girl :-)

  3. Such a sweetheart...we hope to meet you someday...hopefully we'll catch you guys when we visit family in Lynchburg.-Lisa

  4. Caroline,

    You are sooooooooooo smart! Nanny can hardly wait to see you ride the tricycle. You look great on it. It won't be lone. Love all of you. Mommy, thanks for the update.

    Nanny & Papa