Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter dress...

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Easter. We had a great morning at church, followed by an Easter brunch with several families from our church. (where I finally had my first Easter egg hunt! Pics to come later...)

But when you're a little girl, one of the BEST parts about Easter is sporting your pretty Easter dress! And this year, my Pop & Mamie bought me a beautiful dress & it worked out great with a hat that my aunt Cheryl got for me! (Mamie, I know you are probably dying to see the pictures!) When I put the dress on this morning, I touched it (it's kinda satin-y feeling) and said, "oooooh" and walked around like I was a princess!

And for the 3RD Easter in a row, it's now become tradition for us to NOT get a good family photo together (see here), so why should this year be any different, right? :)

Happy Easter!
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  1. She is beautiful! Looks like she had a good day:)

  2. She is absolutely precious!! What do you mean "like" a princess? I was under the impression she is one! :)

  3. Sorry that published as anonymous, its Tiff btw haha

  4. That is one pretty little girl. I think the bad family Easter photo tradition is pretty funny! Maybe next year... :)