Tuesday, April 20, 2010

green thumb...

Yes!! It's that time of year and our family has been eagerly awaiting our chance to try a garden! Even though we've got plenty of space to do it in the backyard, the deer around here are notorious for munching away on your crops, so this year, Mommy & Daddy decided to do a small, simple container garden on our upstairs deck.

And it's my job to help with the watering each day!

I'm a woman on a mission and I love it!

Yeah, as you can see, we didn't go with the nice & pretty planters... 5 gallon paint buckets will work just fine, right? (and you know what? My guess is that the tomatoes will taste just as good...) :)

And waalah! Not the um, classiest presentation for a container garden, but hey, it's ours... and hopefully this summer we'll be enjoying lots of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, herbs, & strawberries!

More water, please!
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  1. Amy, first cooking, now GARDENING to grow VEGETABLES!?!??!

    You are no longer the Amy Corbett I know. . . . :)

  2. Remember the zucchini bread recipe is in Jill's cookbook. Oops, it does have wheat flour.

  3. Of course everything has to be gluten free for Caroline. Keep'em straight, Caroline. Hope your garden just produces and produces and you enjoy all the veggies.
    Thanks for the pics.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa