Monday, July 12, 2010

berry happy...

Today I got to go with friends from church and pick a bucket of fresh BLACKBERRIES!
(we initially had set out to go visit an organic blueberry farm nearby, but when we pulled up, they were closed because the blueberries weren't ripe yet. So after a little scrambling and some driving around, we stumbled upon this great produce farm with blackberries to pick! Not bad for plan B!)

There were rows and rows of blackberries...

They grow in red at first, and then you know they're ready when they turn completely black & practically fall into your hand when you give 'em a slight tug!

I had a blast picking them and putting them in my bucket.

Well, until I had to taste-test it for quality control. :) And then I'm afraid the majority started going into my TUMMY rather than the bucket! ha!

And as you can see from ALL of our faces (but especially mine-- ha ha), we had a fabulous time...

& there's plenty of blackberries that made it home to freeze!

I'm a BERRY happy gal. :)
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  1. Caroline, your hat is wonderful! You are certainly the most stylish blackberry picker I've ever seen.

  2. How do the hats keep getting cuter??

    I love Virginia-- so pretty! That family shot needs to go in a frame!

  3. Cute photos! I love the hat!

  4. yay! fruit picking is SO fun and honestly i never really liked blackberries until i had them fresh off the bush, plump and sweet from the texas sunshine! i'm sure the virginia sunshine is nice too... what a great family adventure!

  5. Hey Amy,
    Caroline is growing so fast!! I can't believe all that you have been through lately, but God is able to carry you through!!!

    Love Ya,