Saturday, July 24, 2010

hands of love #2...

You know how you go through lulls & don't want to cook? (cough cough-- those uh, "lulls" last quite a bit longer for some of us than others...) :) Well, this week for me was all about (relatively) fast & convenient as I just wasn't wanting to cook. (yet, I still need/want to provide lots of good nutrition to continue the good things we're seeing in Caroline's health...)

So prepared for you this week, sweet Caroline, with hands of love...

Quinoa ("keen-wah"... it's like a delicious rice, but more nutritious! You should try it!) with sauteed bell peppers, onions, & some spinach topped with some canned salmon. (just a tip: if you have to use canned meats, look for those that only have the ingredients you're actually looking for-- (novel idea, eh??) SALMON, salt & water, for example. Most of the cheaper ones have soybean oil in them. I had no idea before all of this, but studies are showing that soy is not all that healthy for us as we thought (especially for our kids) because it increases estrogen levels & can trigger early puberty in children. So unless you're an older woman who needs estrogen, think about limiting your soy. Look for canned fish WITHOUT the soybean oil. And in cooking, try substituting olive oil for "vegetable" oil (which is really soybean oil- look at the label) when you can.

A turkey kielbasa, lentil, & vegetable soup that I made a few weeks ago & froze individual servings in ziplock freezer bags to pull out & heat up in times like these! (that's our idea of "fast food" for Caroline these days...)

An easy & GREAT nutritious snack is to dip carrot sticks into a mashed up avocado! (you could doctor it up & turn it into guacamole if you have the time, but we just eat it plain for now.)

Oh, and by the way, if any of you feel you're spending WAY too much for groceries (like we are) & wondering which foods are the most important to buy organically (due to farmers' pesticides leaving residue on your food) & which ones you could save a little money on by buying the regular stuff, here's a little chart that you can print out to take with you to the grocery store.

This was a perfect summertime lunch for our family. Chicken over cucumber salad. (cut up cucumbers, tomato, red onion, feta cheese--- which we left out for Caroline--- tossed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, & oregano) Yummm...

And our fastest meal of the week? A gluten free, casein free, soy free, nitrate free, MSG free turkey hot dog (from Trader Joe's!!) & veggie chips! Woohoo!
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  1. Uh.... I probably shouldn't tell you that we just came back from Steak and Shake where the kids eat free. Having a good time with Trev and Ty (and their parents). Love you all, Mamie

  2. I work with a couple that the husband has tons of food allergies. And so the wife has had to be creative over the years. And she made up this recipe for salad that is very popular. We call it "Mindy Salad" Everyone LOVES it here. Its quick, easy and yummy

    Cut up cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots (or any other kind of veggies but these work the best)

    for the dressing:
    1 cup of vinegar
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/4 cup of water
    1 tablespoon salt

    Boil all the ingredients until sugar and salt is dissolved. Pour over veggies while mixture is still hot. Let it cool down in the frig and serve.

  3. You've come a long way, baby! Wow. What beautiful food. I am so proud of you. I know it's a lot of work, but so worth it. My poor children will be detoxing when we get back to Virginia after 2 weeks of eating junk at nana and papa's house.

  4. FETA!! I still have a fetish for feta. :)

  5. Amy! Talk about gourmet cooking for someone who didn't feel like cooking the past week... wow. Your meals look amazing and delicious. Would you have ever believed you'd be making stuff like that and calling it "fast food"?!?!

    Hurray for you!!! :-) :-) :-)

  6. Your food is looking so good, Amy! And your pictures of your meals are great too!