Thursday, October 14, 2010

jesus loves your tummy...

A few weeks ago, I (Amy) got a phone call out of the blue from a former Texas Tech RUF student.

"Hi Amy. This is Sari, and I've got some good news for you." (you don't hear that everyday!) Needless to say, I was all ears.

Well, it was true. Sari (whom we sadly haven't seen in years!) went on to tell me that she has been following our blog and that she has been wanting to do something to help us out. And boy, did she. Sari said that several of our former RUF students from Tech decided to pitch in to help with the financial burden that Caroline's health situation has incurred upon us. As she shared this over the phone with me, tears began streaming down my face.

"You and Marc were always there for us, and now we're at a point in our lives where we can do something to be there for you guys. I hope that this gift will help you know that the body of Christ is there for you and loves you." (Her words were even more poignant than that, but you gotta understand-- I was bawling uncontrollably by this point...)

Sure enough. They pulled together $450 (!!!!) for our family. $250 of that was a grocery gift card, which is providing Caroline's groceries for over a MONTH!!, and the rest of the money will be used towards other medical expenses, supplements, and health food store purchases. I was BLOWN AWAY.

And it didn't stop there.

They sent some packages in the mail with presents for Caroline!...

...and Sari made a beautifully creative "book" that we'll hold onto forever.

In it, she included pictures of the students that had given and explained a little about each one of them to Caroline. Oh, you don't know how sweet it was (and is) to read to Caroline about how people all over the country care about her. (plus to remember SO many sweet times with these guys as students! We love you guys!)

Also in the packages were cards/letters from many of these students and just reading their words to us meant so much to me and Marc.

And what care package from Texas is complete without lullabies from Willie Nelson?? ha ha

And the packages kept coming!

One of the things Sari did was to tell all of the children at her church about Caroline's story during a Sunday School lesson. They all made cards for Caroline, and what a treat it was for the three of us to pull out these cards and enjoy them. Among our favorites:

"I eat vegetables too + Jesus loves you."

The note from the adult at the bottom reads: "Celia & Jenny want to send you 'flowers that are pretty like you' but they are 4 and have only 60 cents between the two of them." (ha ha!)

And perhaps the sweetest & deepest message came in this card that kinda stopped me in my tracks:

"Jesus loves your tummy."

How seemingly silly those four words are, yet they pack in a ton of meaning to me. Beautiful!

How can I begin to say thank you enough to Sari and all of our dear friends & former students for loving us in this way??? It was such a joy to know you & walk beside you all throughout your college years, and it is an even bigger blessing to watch how the Lord is working in your lives now. We are so proud of you all. Wish I could give each of you a HUGE hug right now!

Thank you for your love and your prayers for us in this journey. God is so good. And Jesus loves your tummy.
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  1. This brought tears to my eyes too. You and Marc have given your lives to serve Christ in this special ministry and you are blessed with so many friends who care. God has blessed our lives the same way and every day we give thanks for all He has done and doing through our service to Him.
    Love, Grandma Barnett

  2. How sweet to be remembered....

  3. Your blog today immediately brought to my mind the
    Word of Eccles. 11:1. How very true throughout one's life. Invest-ments in people in the name of the Lord always pays good dividends.
    Grandpa Barnett

  4. Christians friends are such a blessing from the Lord. God is at work in all our lives and He allowed those you have touched to touch you all in this special way. You are blessed. God is so good! Love ya,

  5. How cool. People can't understand other's individual suffering, but they sure can express love in unique and awesome ways.

    So awesome.

  6. what a sweet, sweet gift!

    rejoicing with you...what a blessing the people of God can be!

    just wanted you to know that Owen (our two year old) and I pray often for Caroline (and you!). you are being lifted up in prayer in Orlando, too!

    kelly johnson
    RUF at Univ of Central FL

  7. That gift of love is beyond about incarnating the live of Christ.

    Love to you all! Debbie

  8. We love you all! You and Marc were so influential to all of us Tech RUF students. I can't imagine where my life would be now if God had not led me to RUF and both of you...Thank you sweet friend!