Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when you wish upon a star...

Today was a dream come true for a beautiful princess like me! I got all fancied up for our princess party at the library! (remember last week's post about the infamous cookie incident...)

Of course I got to share it with my BEST friend, Leah! (so sweet, isn't it?)

Class was fun. In between stories, we shook 'em high...

...and we shook 'em low.

Then it was time to PAR-TAY with the other princesses!

"Mommy, can I eat this?" I asked softly as I saw each sugary treat laying in front of me.
(Mommy's heart sank as she had to think quick on her toes.)
"No, sweetheart. Why don't we take that back to our house as a present for Daddy?" (who actually can't eat it either when he's still gluten free and feeling SO good!)
"Baby, this is a bracelet you can WEAR, but we don't eat it." (oooh, that was almost too tempting.)
As the milk was being poured around the room for each child, Mommy let me pour my water into the pink princess big girl cup.

And as promised, Leah and I did just FINE chomping down on our carrot sticks and "ranch" dressing!

Oh the life of a princess! Off to the next charade...
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  1. Love the pics! They're so fun!

  2. Caroline, you make a beautiful princess! So glad you are sharing your treats with your daddy.

  3. Caroline, you are a beautiful princess! Who needs sweets as sweet as you are! You are such a great princess and so regal. We are glad you had a good time at the library. See you soon.

  4. Beautiful! Amy, can I have your "ranch" dressing recipe when you get a chance?