Sunday, October 3, 2010

hands of love #9...

Caroline, this past week your mama has been cooking up a storm! People ask me what can you eat when you're gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and almost completely sugar & fruit free?

Rice pasta (instead of wheat) with a homemade marinara sauce. (okay, this was actually my plate with real mozzerella cheese on top, but you still had your own mozzerella on top of yours!) Yummm...

Double corn bread. (with real corn in it) Tasted slightly bland, but at least my gluten free hubby was in heaven with some kind of "bread" in the house. :)

Thai chicken salad wraps and a side of rice & vegetables. This was surprisingly good, and it would've been better if I'd just left the corn tortillas off the entire thing & wrapped it only in the lettuce.

Turkey chili with penne. Made a huge batch and froze the leftovers in individual bags for quick meals later.

Did the same with a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.

And the HIT of the week came from Daddy!

These super yummy NO BAKE "rice krispies cookies"! They're made with gluten free rice krispies, almond butter (instead of peanut butter), local honey, flax seeds, cinnamon, walnuts & vanilla. Daddy made a batch to take to a small group at church today and they were gobbled up just as fast as any of the other desserts! No one even knew they were oh so healthy! (and super easy to make, too! No baking!)

But as great as Mommy & Daddy's efforts in cooking are, I think the REAL person who deserves the award is... YOU!

You are so happy and thankful, and you're the only gal I know that gets excited to see a plate full of green beans, or enjoys eating spaghetti over spaghetti squash noodles instead of pasta, or happily drinks water at every meal, or doesn't complain about taking all your vitamins, probiotics, fish oil, zinc, calcium, etc. etc.

YOU, my sweet Caroline, are doing the hardest work of all of us, and you're handling it like quite the champ. I thank God every day for bringing you into our family and I pray that He will give me the wisdom and patience to be the mama that you deserve.
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  1. You all deserve a medal. And you are getting rewarded from each other. We thank God for all of you and for His many blessings that you are in our family. God is so good!. The food looks great and yummy!
    Love y'all

  2. Yes, Caroline, your mother was a picky, picky eater. She wouldn't eat anything without peanut butter on it. She would have starved if she had had your diet.