Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the funny things they say...

Okay, I (Amy) have been waiting to type out this post for a week or so, and I'm so excited it's finally time! As Caroline's language keeps getting more and more conversant, I find myself not wanting to forget those funny little things that come out of her mouth you know? Things that are beyond her years, or things that are funny, or that don't make any sense to anyone but her. :)

So I've been compiling a list so we can look back on these some day. (Megan, you'll love these!) Some of 'em were just classic one-time sayings, and some of them are said quite often around here.

I hope as you read the following list, they may not be as cute to you guys as they are to me, (I understand!) but keep in mind she's TWO! (and not supposed to talk like this at her age!)

My girl may be bald, but there is NO lack of personality or imagination here... :)

Me: Caroline, the Bible says for children to obey their parents, for this is right.
Caroline: Or left.

Caroline: There's a monster in the kitchen!
Me: There is??
Caroline: I'm so scared of the monster. (She runs to get hugs and cuddles. Hey, if "monsters" are the way to get more cuddling, I'm all for 'em!)
Me: It's okay. There isn't a monster.
Caroline: OF COURSE there is! More hugs. (at this point, I'm thinking 'I like this monster thing'...)
Caroline: The monster is going to GET me!!!

Caroline: Mommy, you don't like spiders.
Me: You're right. I don't like spiders.
Caroline: Mommy, you don't like ants.
Me: You're right. I don't like ants.
Caroline: Mommy, you don't like bees.
Me: You're right. I don't like bees. What DO I like?
Caroline: (in a low drawn-out tone) Car-o-line. (ha ha!)

"I'm growing bigger and bigger and bigger like Mommy does. Like Daddy does. Like Lindsay does. Like students does." :)

"I draw a smiley face. It looks like a frog."

"That big spider has long long legs because he disobeyed God's word." (??? ha ha!)

(upon seeing her pee-pee diaper) "That is SO gross. We don't eat poopies." (um, no we don't, sweetheart. No we don't.)

Caroline: So how you feelin', Daddy?
Daddy: Oh, I'm feeling pretty good. How are you feeling?
Caroline: Oh, I don't feel too much.

Me: What do you want for lunch, Caroline?
Caroline: I want some chicken noodle soup.
Me: Hmm, I don't think I have any chicken noodle soup.
Caroline: Of COURSE you have chicken noodle soup, Mommy!

Daddy: (on our way out to get some hamburgers at the restaurant Five Guys) Let's go to Five Guys!
Caroline: No, let's go to SIX Guys! (ha ha ha!!)

Me: (singing to the tune of "Are you sleeping?") Here's your tennis shoes.
Here's your tennis shoes.
Where do they go?
Where do they go?
Can you put them away?
Can you put them away?
Caroline: (as she's taking them back to her room, I hear her singing:) Not at all. Not at all.

And the sweetest, FAVORITE(!!!) thing I hear as I walk out of her room at naptime or bedtime:

Me: I love you, sweetheart.
Caroline: I love you, too, Mommy.
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  1. That is adult talk. She is too too smart! We love you Caroline.

  2. I can't even pick a favorite! I giggled through the whole thing!

    What kind of two-year-old is this?? I love how smart she is!

  3. What a character you are, Miss Caroline! You crack me up.

  4. Awwww..... so funny!!!! My roommate and I enjoyed laughing over these. And I made one of the quotes. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. "That big spider has long long legs because he disobeyed God's word."

    The random ones are my faves. What goes on inside their heads?!??!