Monday, September 27, 2010

ruf fall conference...

Our family took 17 of our RUF students (not all pictured here) to a RUF fall conference/retreat with all the other RUF's in Virginia & the University of Maryland this weekend! It's hard to believe that this view is only 40 minutes from our house! (well, 40 minutes plus one tough hike UP, that is...) :)

Our speaker was Rev. Jack Howell, (preacher at Trinity Presbyterian in Norfolk, VA) who did an amazing job at using scripture to teach the students about Christ's passionate and pursuing love for us, even as messed up as we really are. He really exposed the kinds of things that we all find ourselves running to--even good things-- to try and satisfy the longings we have that can only be satisfied in Christ. One student has already said the conference & truly understanding grace was life changing for him. Our RUF music team, including Mommy, led all the music for the conference, too!

It was a great time for our students to bond & get to know each other. We had students from 4 of the 5 schools in Lynchburg and a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs represented. It was great!

Meals were, as expected, for our family a little tricky. But we brought a cooler, some pre-made meals, and a microwave to our hotel-style room, & we were good to go just in case Daddy & I couldn't eat the cafeteria food! :)

Getting all geared up to hike during free-time. I was so excited.

We made it to the top!!

Definitely time for some photos up here...

The only sad part was that such a fun & relaxing weekend had to end...

But we'll never forget it!
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  1. Great pix. CC, I bet you had all those big kids wrapped around your little finger. Miss you bunches, Mamie

  2. The pics are great. Thanks for sharing with us. Glad you all had such a great time. Caroline, you look just great. The outdoors is good for you. Love y'all.