Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hands of love #7...

Caroline, this week has been a busier week than usual for our family! With me (Mommy) having lots of extra music rehearsals & Daddy being in full swing with our RUF students, there's not been quite as much cooking going on this week. But thankfully we've had lots of reserves to pull from in our freezer, since when I've been ABLE to cook, I try to make extra to freeze for quick meals later.

My new concept of the week has been nutritional deception. :) Our pediatrician's office loans out copies of this cookbook (written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife actually) to show parents how they can get veggies into their kids without them even noticing it... sneaky sneaky, right?

So I tried it. I baked a butternut squash in the oven (so easy), scooped out the soft middle stuff & pureed it in my blender. (really didn't even need to do that step) Then I made lots of quesadillas (with corn tortillas, beans, fresh tomato, and our gluten free/dairy free/ soy free cheese) & sneaked the butternut squash puree in there! And you didn't mind or notice a BIT! They were delish!

I am also working fresh veggies in as much as possible. If only I could capture the SMELL of this stuff I made (Thai ginger chicken) more than the looks of it... I'm finding it easier and easier to eat yummy food that's gluten, dairy, & soy free, but you just have to figure out how to use your time WAY more efficiently. (for examples: 1) cut up your peppers or onions or fresh veggies at the beginning of the week so then you just pull them out to sneak in recipes later in the week, or 2) cook your meats ahead of time & then freeze them to add to recipes later... kinda common sense stuff that our grandparents all knew to do in order to survive before the world of fast & convenient foods!)

Even Daddy's getting into the kitchen! Here's what he was able to pull out of the freezer & fridge & make us a quick meal! (steamed veggies, and pan seared steak & duck! We had never tried duck before and it was sooooo tender and delicious, but yes, expensive.) Way to go, Daddy!

And your favorite treat for this week was...

Mommy made a low sugar, gluten/dairy/soy free apple crisp for dessert!

Caroline, as your tummy stays full and continues to heal with all of these nutritious, whole foods, I hope you know that in every bite, there is so much love for you. God is teaching our family SOOOO much, not just about Himself, but even about the world in which He has placed us and about how He has designed our bodies to get the nourishment we need from the very foods that we eat. I pray that as you grow & start to understand more and more about these foods, you will understand Mommy & Daddy's gentle "no's" come from wanting the very best for you, and not from a spirit of wanting to withhold from you. (And who knows?? Maybe one day we'll be able to sit down together and enjoy some good ol' fashioned ice cream again!!)

I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud of you, sweet girl. You are an amazing girl and an even more amazing eater! You don't let any food or restrictions or a bald head stop you from ANYTHING. You know you are stunningly beautiful, protected, provided for, and LOVED. You are precious to us in every way, and we want you to continue to be the strong, active, & thriving girl that you are now. We love you!
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  1. Please save a serving of the apple crisp for me. That looks especially good. Caroline's Pop has started cooking healthy for us, too. Way to go, Pop.

  2. Try butternut squash soup. I usually add carrots to it too that've been roasted. Lots of garlic and roasted onions. Salt and pepper. You can even add your salad but I've never done that. ANYWAY puree it all in the food pro and it freezes really well too. Barefoot Contessa. Yes, I love me some INA!

  3. We can attest to the fact that the food is delish. Way to go Mommy & Daddy. Love ya Caroline.
    Nanny & Papa