Sunday, September 5, 2010

at 30 (?) months...

Okay, at this point, we've totally forgotten how many months old I am, (and too busy to figure it out!) so we'll just round it off to 30 months. Good enough? (someone help us figure out how off we are!-- born in Feb. '08)

But it's been awhile since you all got to know what I'M really up to these days, so here goes:

  • I was SOOO excited to attend my first Sunday School class today! Since our church is new & small, but growing, there isn't a class just yet for 2-3 yr. olds. But the teacher of the 4-5 yr. olds invited me to join them until a 2-3 yr. old class starts up. I was telling EVERYONE that I was going to a class at church! And Mommy & I practiced sitting still to listen to a story last night just to get ready for my big day! Well, apparently I sat still for about 5 minutes, and then politely told my teacher, "I've got to go to my class!" and tried to run off!! :) ha ha
  • Music is MY thing. Dancing to it, singing it, listening to it, pretending to play along with it, or making it myself-- if you really want my attention, just start singing! It is tradition in our house that we MUST sing "10 Little Indians" during toothbrushing, and we've come up with our own family's little diddies for bathtime & picking up time-- they wouldn't make the top 40's charts... trust us!)

  • I like to get my picture taken now, and I'm starting to like to make silly faces for the camera. (another post on this coming soon...)
  • Not only do I know all of my letters, AND the sounds they make, but now I am figuring out on my own what the first letters of words are!! (ex. "Mommy does 'Papa' start with a puh, puh, P?") I'm getting pretty good at my first letters!
  • I love to talk on the phone now. And I can hold a decent little conversation, too. (still don't understand that the person on the phone can't also SEE me)

  • Oh, I looooove to draw now. I can draw a number 1, a "O," and here is my first ever smiley face!! Pretty good, huh?
  • I can count to around 23.
  • I WILL NOT stay out of Mommy's spice cabinet. She had to put a lock on it, and any time that lock is unhooked, you can be sure I'm there "cooking" with the spices, taking the lids off, etc.
  • With my diet restrictions, thankfully I'm still a compliant participant! A few times Mommy has heard me say to myself, "Mommy's cereal will make my tummy hurt." One time in the grocery store, I walked up to the cheese section and said, "I need a gluten free cheese!" (ha ha! Mommy didn't know I knew that word, but she guesses I hear it enough around this house!)
  • Speaking of grocery stores, no more riding in a cart for me. I don't even like those fun kiddie racecars as much as getting the little bitty kid-size cart and pushing it all around the store for Mommy! So Mommy walks down the aisles and I love pushing my cart right behind her. (unfortunately a few more "extras" seem to make it into the cart nowadays...) :)
  • If you aren't catching the drift, I am 2 1/2 yrs. old going on about 8. :) AND we spend alot of time at grocery stores... :(

  • I can water the garden plants all by myself. Other "chores" I do are dumping out trash cans, wiping off the table, and helping with the laundry.
  • I dress myself now!! (Shirts are still a little hard to pull off over my head.)
  • And along with dressing myself, I've decided to begin potty training somewhat. (Mommy isn't quite in a hurry on this one-- she's certainly got enough on her plate right now, you know.) But I have reached "the" stage where it's hard to keep a diaper on me, and I ask Mommy, "Can I go sit on my potty?" And you know what?? A few lucky times, I've peed in my potty!!! (to which I get SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and love joining in with Mommy to do the pee pee dance) The pressure is off, though, so it's just something fun that I'm trying to figure out right now!
  • I can't wait for the fall! I keep talking about how the trees are going to fall down, but Mommy has to remind me it's the leaves that will fall. :) ha ha

  • I am a girl who is LOVING life and all the joy it has to offer! I let Mommy do all the worrying, but not me! I am so active and social-- you WILL notice me, but not for my lack of hair. I'm the kid that's saying, "hi!" to every shopper in the store. I'm the kid that is quick to say "thank you." I'm the kid that runs up to Mommy or Daddy with a huge bear hug and says, "I love you, Mommy."
And Mommy is SO happy that out of all the baby girls in the entire world, she got ME. :)


  1. We are so happy that we have you too, Caroline. You are a sweetheart and a joy. See you soon. I'm so excited!!

    Nanny & Papa

  2. I think* its 31.

    24 is Feb '10
    add 7 months to Sept.

    You were close. :)

    By the way, I've thought for a while (like a year) she likes her picture being taken (and seeing it) :) "see Caroline?" Cute.

  3. Love that Sunday School girl look. There's a BIG difference between a 2-year-old and 4 and 5 year olds. Look how much you've changed in just 30 or 31 months! You'll be ready when it's time.