Sunday, September 19, 2010

a final farewell...

If you've followed our family for some time, you probably know us well for the way we seem to kill our appliances. Someone once called us serial appliance killers, and I gotta admit, that was a little humbling to hear. :) he he It's not something we're too proud of, so we try not to talk about it all that often. It's much more comfortable to stuff the pain deep down, you know... :)

But as each of our appliances leaves us, we like to leave a special tribute in their memory. They have each served us well. It started with the tears over losing our dishwasher, followed shortly with the obituary of Ms. G.E. Hotpoint, and oh yeah, the break up with the stove... wow. How the emotions just flood over you just looking back...makes you question why you get into relationships with them in the first place...)

And today, on this sad, sad day, we have a final farewell to say... our fridge. (1991- ?)

We're so sorry, Mr. Ken More. We know it's been so terribly hard on you to stand by silently as each one of your roommates left for various reasons. I'm sure it wasn't easy to watch us fall in love with the newest roommate in the house over and over again as you yourself fought off the urge to compare. Deep down, you knew that someday it would be your turn, but yet you never complained.

No, you just stood faithful until it was your time, watching lovingly from afar as we made wonderful memories as a family.

And we'll miss you. Oh yes, we will. Just because you'll be going to a new home doesn't mean that we don't love you. It's just what is best for everyone, okay? We'll never forget that because of you, Caroline learned her letters and what they sound like. You were so cool. You were always there when we needed you, giving until the very end.

I don't think anyone wanted it to end under these circumstances. As you know, our family has been through alot in these recent months. It's not only taken a toll on us, but on you, too. I know, I know. Everybody deals with stress in different ways. Some people start eating too much, some people stop eating-- and you? Well, you started deciding on your own when you wanted to make ice & liked to keep us guessing. I know that was your silent, passive aggressive way of spewing out your frustrations with the whole thing. But beyond your icemaker issues... with all the drastic lifestyle changes that we've been forced into, you just weren't handling all of these new foods as well as we needed you to.

Not like her, anyway. Though she is a lot heavier than you, :) she can do alot more than you, and with alot less energy.

I know that's hard for you to hear. And it's not just because you were white, okay? Please don't think it was because of something as silly as color, though I know you were starting to feel a little like the odd man out.

I do think the rest of the roommates feel a strange similarity to her, and even though you can't understand that, I hope you'll be able to accept it and find a way to begin a "new normal" in your next season of life. We wish you all the best.

the appliance killers

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  1. I saw him on the car port... you can't even bury him properly? You just put him out to to elements! You sick twisted appliance killers! ha ha!

  2. Okay -- can the NEW member of your kitchen -- HOLD UP THE LETTERS?!?! Leah's doesn't and it makes it hard on a girl. She comes to MA's to practice her alphabet!

  3. You might leave her in the garage. She may just come in handy one of these days when you need extra freezing or cooling space. And yes, she might even make some ice. (Ha, Ha). Love ya
    Nanny & Papa

  4. Okay, I like the new girl. Very beautiful and BIG. I've heard that people who cook at home need large refrigerators.