Friday, September 26, 2008


Lynchburg, VA--- G.E. Hotpoint Microwave, age 27, died in her home on September 23, 2008, following a long, courageous battle with technical difficulties. In other words, her "start" button stopped starting.

Ms. Hotpoint was born in March of 1981 and has resided in Lynchburg, VA throughout her life. 1981 was the year the first space shuttle (Columbia) was launched, AIDS was first diagnosed, and Prince Charles and Diana were married. She lived a long, full life.

She was most known for really heating things up. Those that knew her best called her faithful, long-suffering, and a servant to anyone around her.

Hotpoint is survived by G.E. Oven of Lynchburg, and Kenmore Refridgerator of South Carolina. She is also survived by current owners, Daddy, Mommy, and Caroline Corbett, who are known to be "appliance serial killers." Hotpoint is preceded in death by G.E. Dishwasher. She will not be easily forgotten, but she has already been easily replaced.

The family has requested that no funeral service arrangements be made. Instead, the family is headed to the mountains this weekend with the college students for our statewide RUF Fall Conference! We'll see you when we get back!
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  1. I say, so long. It's about time to be replaced with a kenmore. Yea!!

    Nanny & Papa

  2. "Church Jill"September 27, 2008 at 6:03 PM

    May the memory of this faithful appliance, and of all such appliances, RIP!

  3. Are Caroline's leg warmers a tribute to the microwaves glorious life through the eighties?! I approve.