Thursday, September 4, 2008

my special babysitter...

Tonight during RUF was Mommy & Daddy's first time to pay a babysitter to watch me! Mommy felt so strange leaving me somewhere, but she & Daddy had a great time!

And that's okay because I had a great time, too! Isn't God so good?!-- guess who my babysitter was? "Grammie" is the mom of one of our original Texas Tech RUF students! (long before I was born!) She had all kinds of neat toys ready to go because she's Grammie to my friend, Kate!

Two of our favorite students tonight after RUF!

Oh, and did I mention that I tried peaches today? My first FRUIT!
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  1. This blog is way too cute....I'm going to keep up with it regularly, even though it's not like I live far from y'all ;)
    Why did you have to put a picture of me looking HIGH and Anna (of course) looking adorable? haha I love the one I took of you and Marc--such a cute husband/wife team!

    looks like you're taking some great pics of Caroline, Amy. Way to use that Nikon! :D
    <3 y'all! -Ashley

  2. Ashley and Anna! I caught the ironly in that Nikon compliment Ashley... haha

    I like the B & W. Very chic. :)

  3. Kate loves her Grammie and might get to see her tomorrow for Emma's 3rd birthday party!! YAY!!