Sunday, September 7, 2008

wild woman...

This week I turned a corner to what Mommy would call a pre-toddler phase. Long gone are the days of being a helpless newborn- I'm rip-rearin' to GO! If Daddy's typing on his laptop, I'LL reach out & try to type on the laptop, too! If Mommy's talking on her cell-phone, I'LL reach for the phone! Give me something to touch & hold in my hands and I'll stay occupied for a few minutes. Try to hold me close to you and I'll start bending my knees & trying to jump up and down in your lap. I'm on the brink of scooting across the floor, too! I'm so eager to learn and play, even at the expense of necessary things like drinking my bottle or getting dressed, so Mommy & Daddy have been calling me their "wild woman." :)

No more laying back on the job now. I want to sit up ALL the time!

Do you see the two deer that were posing for us in our backyard this morning? Daddy was so excited!

But with all of this growth comes alot more expression & sweetness, too. Sometimes I'll hug Mommy & Daddy's neck when they carry me across the house, or I'll give them one of the most charming smiles I've got to melt their hearts & let them know that I love 'em. Signing off from high atop Daddy's chest...
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  1. Wild thing... you make my heart sing... you make everything... wild thing...

  2. Put the gun down, Marc. The deer are our friends.

  3. If you put the corn out.....they will come. I believe! Sis